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psblankets4 (psblankets4) wrote,
@ 2012-07-28 10:15:00
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    miscellaneous and many others
    The client of Jiangsu Yancheng Area is through testing out the contrast, and each meter of yarn rewriting and weaving is usually practised thrift 3 cent cost, and together with per a hundred myriameters for the sizing had been counted dimension machine daily, and can economize 31 thousand yuan daily, the effective result is very worth finding. And spin the great yarn needn't to inside the lye go back the actual thick liquid the heating, and changes back the actual thick liquid that the thick liquid was arranged for starch Shui Rongwu, and definately will not develop the influence for the environment. Presently, this item patent solution has brought about the worry of Lishui area science as well as technology department The subject matter: Available some sort of colored nanometer pigment ink inside the textile ink jet seal of approval is developed inside the success for the with wonderful concentration researchs many caused by 4, and features dive in the batch course of action in subject that south with the River college scientist childhood professor Fang Kuanjun the actual leads party.blankets

    Concerned professional thinks inside the appraisal on this subject inside the report had been, and this particular achievements is filled the actual internal blank space, as well as overall standard achieves the actual international first-in, and achieves around the globe leading around the solid coloration technology for the fibre of pigment ink Standard In line with introducing, the actual textile numeral ink jet seal of approval technology is usually collecting data, computer photograph processing as well as new material technology equal in length new seal of approval technology with organic full, and will be office ink jet eliminate technology textile prolonging of domain.corporate gifts

    The textile stamp technology on this technology as well as tradition is different, and it does not need to not the actual plate producing, and possesses the identical stamp with the photograph meticulous degree, and also to cover a region of the region small, and doesn't have the actual pollution with the environment, which enable it to realize Shan Jian's seal of approval clothing producing, and satisfies the individualization dependence on consumer. One of them unique is worth of ink jet seal of approval technology due to the numeral, the important technology of 21 centuries textile community the knowing technological revolution on this technology simply by praise with internation, the excessive concern in which grand dukes for instance Ba Sifu Du Bang and fumes crust and many others took cost of is usually gifts

    The ink will be major consumables of numeral ink jet seal of approval technology, as well as dyestuff ink used presently exists the actual shortcomings for instance pollution with the environment as well as technology usually are miscellaneous and many others, and gets the big obstacle of popularization numeral ink jet seal of approval technology. The subject group in which professor Fang Kuanjun leads inside the nation " decorative accessories such as prefer to 863"'s as well as nation normal science create funding for etc subsidizes decrease, and in terms of to the capacity in fishing nanometer pigment scatters the actual long-term process study of system, not really stopping in place the give nozzle, the actual colour as well as lustre is usually bright-coloured, as well as dump capability is fine for the stability height that the development works, and the actual ink jet stamp that the granul diametre is usually 50-150's nanometer is using the nanometer pigment gift

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