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Abigail (prowler) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 04:57:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Yet another survey: taken July 29th:


    1. First name: Abergale
    2. Middle Name: Pfft! I have 2 cause I am special! Kathryn and Rae
    3. Last Name: Snookey
    4: Eye Color: Blue/Grey
    5: Hair color: Shit brown
    6. Birthday: um... the day I was born. :P
    ok.. enough of that bullshit..


    7. color: jungle green... yeah jungle, like in my pants. :P hehehe. It's all Fudge's fault, she's responsible for all the 'wildlife' that lives down there *cough*crabs*cough*! J/K!
    8. Holiday: Halloween! Cause I can be my true freakish self.. and steal candy from little kids!! MUAHAHA!
    9. Tv show: Sex with Sue! HAHAHA! j/k
    10. Food: da cookies at school! yummers
    11. Movie: it's still not made *sigh* but.... OUR PORNO! LOL. The new setting is going to be at the primary school playground!! ^-^ OMG! Remember the 'art' that we found there?! LMAO!
    12. Actor/Actress: Ewan McGregor
    13. Beverage: PEPSI!! CAFFINEE!! Not diet pepsi though, I'm not an aspertane junkie like Heidi. :P
    14. Ice Cream: Chocolate Chunky Cheesecake. But I haven't seen it around for awhile. :(


    15. coke or pepsi: see # 13
    16. chocolate or sex: BOTH, at the same time! Me-ow!
    17. cherries or strawberries: StrawBARRY! lol, but I do like straberries the best, cherries are nasty.
    18. ice cream or frozen yogurt: ICE CREAM!
    19. summer or winter: summer, because my hands don't freeze solid! :S
    20. birthday or christmas: Christmas, becuase I usually get depressed around my birthday and whenever I lose a close friend of mine, it's ALWAYS around or because of my birthday! It's weird.
    21. IRC or MSN: MSN! IRC sucks ass!! Don't beat me up.....
    22. 69 or 96: 69 for good times, and 96 for marks. :P
    23.. black fly bite (crusty) or mosquito bite: Mosquito bite cause you can just put afterbite on them to make the itch go but black fly bites bleed all gross and sometimes it gets on your clothes! :S


    24. got busted for something illegal: I've never really been busted..... Me's a good girl! 0:-)
    25. stole: When I was like four and I stole marbles from Zellers. :P
    26. got high: I've never been high, unless you count white out and permanent markers then it would be grade 9... :P
    27. Got drunk: I've yet to be drunk... and it's all cause no one called me to do anything Friday night!!! DAMN YOU'S!!
    28. Drank milk: Yesterday
    29. ate a pineapple: Never, I don't like 'em.
    30. saw beyonce actin like j.lo on tv: This afternoon. :P
    31. ate whipped cream: Last week I think....
    32. sucked a body part on a member of the opposite sex: hehehe... never ;)
    33. swam in the ocean: Um, on the canoe trip, although I never "swam" really.. I was just up to me knees. Jen, on the other hand, chose to dive right in. BAHAHA!
    34. filled out one of these surveys: Um, right now dumbass!! NOTE: anyone who didn't fill out my survey will die!! FILL IT OUT NOW!! please! I don't want to have Jen as my only friend! lol
    35. purchased condoms for 'personal use': heh. NEVA!


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