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Abigail (prowler) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 04:50:00
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    Current mood: tired

    A survey I made and filled out July 29th:

    Abi warning: heh, alot of my answers are just going to be bullshit, so take them with a grain of salt, not literally of course.... dumbass. Oh, and some questions you may not understand casue you may not be 'in on the joke'..... ha! Too fucking bad! :P

    About you:

    Full Name: Abigail Kathryn Rae Snook
    Screen Names: Abi-Wan, Prowler, Kiana, etc...
    Parents names: Rae Keating and Isreal Snook
    Place of living: Stephenville, Newfoundland
    Birthday: May 30th
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Age: 17
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue/gray
    Shoe Size: hmm... 8, I think
    Height: 5 foot 4
    Weight: 120-125 Lbs
    Best Friend: I can't pick one! All da minions!
    Worst Enemy: err! Ashley Young, Shane... and tons of other people! I have issues with alot of people. :P
    Crush: Like hell I'm telling you! Some people know who it is... *hint* he's in our grade... and he's HOT! That pretty much eliminates... everybody! :P haha. And Jen, do not go telling people that it's them cause I swear to god I'll bust a cap in your ass!!

    Do you....

    Like your name?: Not especially. Abigail has too many annoying nicknames you can make from it, and lets not even start on the whole "Dear Abby" thing! GAH! Oh and then there's my last name "Snook". Gee, can it be more obvious that I'm from Newfoundland??!!!
    Like school?: It's ok, it would be hell without my friends though. *sigh* Having to have 'normal' conversations at luchtime = torture. lol
    Like where you live?: Hell no!! I wanna live in da cape!!! j/k!
    Get along with your family?: Well, my mom is a fucking psyco bitch and my dad is, well, my dad.
    Have glasses?: *sigh* Yeah. I REALLY want contacts!
    Have any pets?: Nope. I killed them all! MUAHAHA!
    Smoke?: Nope.
    Do drugs?: No, unlike 'certain people'. :P
    Drink alcohol?: Not often, and I've never been drunk before. There's some people I can think of who want to change that, but I really just think they want to take advantage of me. BRING IT ON!.... oOPS.. I mean HELL NO! :P ^^:
    Get in fights: Not physical ones, but if someone wants to fight my friends they are going to have to go through me!! Remember Jen, I's your bodyguard! :)
    Sell your body for money?: Heh!! No one could afford me! Not that I want to continue the family bussiness anyways.... :P
    Want to go to university?: Yuppers!
    If so, where?: Halifax I guess, maybe Saint Mary's University. Friends, we so0o0o should get an appartment together! We'll have so much fun ripping each others throats out! :P
    Studying what?: I want to do Astronomy, but there are literally no jobs in that profession, so I may go into Chemistry.


    Band: Linkin Park!!
    Song: I dunno.... I like too many.... :S
    Food: CHICKEN! Mmmmm.... and those tacos on the canoe trip were the fucking bomb! YUM!
    Color: Jungle Green.
    Movie: Moulin Rouge
    Pajamas: My green poka dot ones! I LUBS 'EM!
    Season: Summer!
    Time of day: No time during the day... NIGHT! I'm nocturnal... It's 3:30am at the moment. :P
    Website: Mine! Although I stll haven't bothered to finish it. :P Second Favorite would probably be
    Month: August, cause that's when the fair comes!
    Teacher: Mr. Kendale! Wo0o0o!! He's so sexy with his pot belley and lasered on eyeliner! LMAO! J/K. Mr. Grant's hot though! MRAAO0OW!
    But seriously, my fav teacher is whichever one gives me the highest grade..... so I guess this year it's Mr. Lewis. :P
    Word: SPANKS!
    Drink: PEPSI!
    Class: Chemistry. But Art and English were much more "educational"! ;)

    Random Shit:

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Who the fuck cares?!
    Who's most likely to fill this out and send it back to you? Sarah! :P Ha! And probably Jen, Heidi, Ajitha, and Candice.
    What's the biggest fight/argument you've been in?: Hmm.... Well there's the whole 'civil war' that's going on at the moment.
    Who do you admire?: Myself. How can you not admire someone who enjoys burping in public and and can turn even the most innocent comments into something dirty?!
    Just how big is a "shit load"?: alot bigger than a 'mudder load'. :P
    If you're a girl, do you get PMS?: YES! If you ever see me just sitting there, not talking, and looking at people like I'm a serial killer... RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING WORTHLESS LIFE!! I can tell if I'm PMSing cause I actually feel like getting a butcher knife and carving people up. But I'm like that only for a day at most, and then I'm back to my normal 'maiming people with butter knives' self. :P
    Have you ever "shot the drag?": Only by foot. :P
    Ever park in the FCP?: Yeah, when getting groceries...
    Ever go to da zoo?: Twice, but never for the caper dance. Once for the battle of the bands, and then for the safe grad.
    What's the biggest misconception others have of you?: That I'm a stuck up prep. I mean, just because I'm better than everyone, and am the coolest person ever, it does not mean I am stuck up!!! GEEZE!
    What style of clothing do you wear?: I dress mostly preppy, but I go for the cute stuff. If I lived somewhere with a better selection of stores, I'd probably wear a different style everyday: from goth, to skater.
    What is you biggest fear?: Heights!
    Are you religious?: hell no! Back in the day people used to think I worshiped the devil! Grade 5's are so stupid...:P
    What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?: The baby food I had to eat when we were playing survivor at the Yes Youth Can conference! I ate one spoonfull and I gagged on it and almost barfed!!
    Who's your favorite super hero?: It's still da cockinator!! hehehe.... yup, that's me! :)
    What kind of shampoo do you use?: Thermasilk... makes my hair all shiny!
    Do you often not go out with your friends beacuse you have to shave?: NO! hahaha... Ajitha, you are NEVER gonna live that down... BAHAHAHA!!!
    Do you resemble anyone famous?: I've been told from many independent sources that I look like Christina Ricci when she was in the "Adam's Family". :P Yeah, I guess I do look evil.... >:3
    Are you insane?: THe voices that talk to me at night say that that was not a very nice question to ask me.... Now they are's not a good idea to make them mad...
    Who's your most insane friend?: I'm my own most insane friend! :) lol.... actually, it would probably be Jen. *shudders*
    Who's your loudest friend?: hehe... Jen and Fudge.
    Are you that fucking stupid?: Yeah
    Do you like the person who sent you this?: Yeah, she's a sexy beast. ;) Oh wait, I made the survey...! eh, my answer still stays the same. :P
    Has this survey made you lose all respect for the person who sent this to you?: Never had any in the first place! :D


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