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Prometheus (prometheus1) wrote,
@ 2004-11-08 10:36:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Neil Young

    The picnic was such a blast!!!!.....and we had so much fun. I haven't enjoyed anything, and to such an extent in a long time. Everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did, and that made me happier. Organising it was fun, we even managed to do everything according to the time table I had set... wooohooo!!!...everything just went like clockwork.

    The drive was fabulous; we found our way through narrow winding roads that criss-crossed the lush countryside. The landscape was dotted with small hills, and the hills had mists on them. The plains below the hills were green with large crops of corn stock that could be seen everywhere. Wild flowers could be found growing on either side of the road, adding that touch of colour. In the distance, I could see the faint outline of a small enclosure made of hay, perched on woodden stilts. Everything looked so surreal that I stopped the vehicle and decided to take a picture. Unfortunately, it was so far away that I couldn't shoot it.

    Once we reached the 'water-fall' I tried to navigate along the slippery rocks, and managed to get close to the mouth of the waterfall. I hope the photos that I have taken come out well. Only a few of us photo-enthu-nuts resolved to find our way down the rocks. We then went down-stream to where the water was just perfect and indulged in high energy "jal-kreeda".

    It hadn' been five minutes, from the time we got into the water, that the heavens decided to open up. But we hung on and just frolicked in the water, in the pouring rain. I wasn't going to let the rain spoil my fun; on was a godsend. I just can't describe the feeling of swimming in a river; that too in the pouring rain....ahhh!!!...if that isn't bliss, I don't know what is. And after all the playing and swimming and rock climbing, I helped myself to generous portions of the best 'chicken mayonnaise sandwiches' that I've ever had. Yummmmm!!

    On the return journey, as we found our way though the small streets-- woven in the midst of small hutments--leading to the temple square, and from there to the exit road, I caught the glimpse of this little boy-- standing beneath the shelter provided by a thatched roof, looking wistfully into the pouring rain. There was something about this little fellow that caught my eye, but again, my camera was not at my disposal, to capture that peice of time. And now I am filled with regret.

    It was just another day out, but I found that there is so much of beauty around, you never know how much of it you can take. One would augur earnestly to find more days such as these....such is life...

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