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Suzie Q (prnctnprncss) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 22:14:00
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    Current mood:evil
    Current music:.:.punk'd.:.

    My Encounter With Satan!!!!!!
    Me [8:05 PM] i just got attacked by a freakin snake!
    Erik [8:06 PM]: wut??
    Me [8:06 PM]: there was a flippin snake in my house and me and my mom were like flippin out!!!!!
    Erik [8:06 PM]: like whoa
    Me [8:08 PM]: yah and it crawled into one of my wallboards and like was hiding out for a while and my mom sprayed it with Raid and then started banging on the wall and then it started slithering out of the wall and we crushed it with a broom and she took a big ol kitchen knife and started chopping at it's head!
    Erik [8:09 PM]: holy crap!!
    Erik [8:09 PM]: your mom iz evil
    Erik [8:10 PM]: ?
    Me [8:10 PM]: LMAO!
    Erik [8:10 PM]: heh
    Me [8:10 PM]: i'm like crying because your reaction was soooo hilarious
    Erik [8:11 PM]: r u serious
    Me [8:11 PM]: yah
    Erik [8:11 PM]: hehe
    Me [8:11 PM]: ow it hurts
    Erik [8:11 PM]: wut hurts
    Me [8:11 PM]: the pain in my abs from laughing
    Erik [8:12 PM]: haha
    Erik [8:12 PM]: i no wut u mean
    Erik [8:12 PM]: u r funny
    Me [8:12 PM]: yah i know
    Me [8:12 PM]: whoooo
    Erik [8:12 PM]: heh
    Erik [8:13 PM]: seriously though, your mom sprayed the snake with raid, that's like for cacaroaches and stuff.
    Me [8:14 PM]: well excuse us for not having any snake killer
    Erik [8:14 PM]: haha wise ass
    Erik [8:14 PM]: j/k
    Me [8:14 PM]: she was gonna put clorox on it but the first thing she thought of was RAID
    Me [8:14 PM]: lol
    Erik [8:14 PM]: heh
    Erik [8:15 PM]: so i take it u guys r scared of snakes
    Me [8:15 PM]: HELL YAH
    Erik [8:15 PM]: heh
    Erik [8:16 PM]: rednecks rn't scared of snakes
    Me [8:16 PM]: i'm only part redneck then
    Me [8:16 PM]: lol
    Erik [8:16 PM]: mut huh? j/k
    Me [8:17 PM]: yup
    Erik [8:17 PM]: part redneck. . . . . . . . mostly wuss. . . i see
    Me [8:18 PM]: shuttup
    Me [8:18 PM]: lol
    Erik [8:20 PM]: it should be dead by now if your mom sprayed it with raid and mutilated it with a butcher knife
    Me [8:21 PM]: we waited til it stopped moving a lil bit and she picked it up with the knife and put it in a walmart shopping bag and took out the big trash and then put it outside in the other trashcan
    Erik [8:23 PM]: did u stop breath'n or sumth'n??
    Me [8:23 PM]: yah a lil
    Me [8:23 PM]: lol
    Me [8:23 PM]: j/k
    Erik [8:23 PM]: heh
    Me [8:23 PM]: so mr. tough guy what would you have done?
    Erik [8:24 PM]: probably picked it up and petted it, not murder the poor thing!!

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