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PrismPerfect (prismperfect23) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 15:59:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:Phantom of the Opera- Angel of Music

    Here in this room, he calls me softly...
    I do not think I really have anything profound to say, to be honest.

    Today my mother taugh me to make New York style cheesecake (the only type of cake I will eat), and later, she is going to teach me to crochet... all of a sudden, now that I am 18, for some reason, I want to learn to do these wifey things, you know? Like sewing, cooking, knitting... it feels girly, and out of the ordinary. We talked for awhile today, a lot about religion and whatnot. It was nice, we do not talk all that often because I am usually busy and if I AM here, I stay in my room and keep to myself.

    I feel kind of worried about the future, about graduating, about what I am going to do... I am so tired of thinking of it that more than I think of it or not, I am just trying to push it from my mind and pretend as though it is still forever away. Yet really, it is a mere few months short of transpiring.

    I really want to see the Phantom of the Opera in Orlando, in January... I think it would be incredible. Do you know the story of the Phantom of the Opera? Because well, I educated myself quite thoroughly on it, and actually, the Phantom seems kind and gentle to me and it disturbs me more than I would have thought that in the end he lets Christine go to be with Rauol, and she leaves. He is this, composer/scholar/inventer/genius, and who does not love that? Just like I say with Beethoven, that I would think he would not have had so much trouble with women. I guess he was actually a very vile person, though. He impregnated the love of his life, and did not even realize it, and she sent him letter after letter saying she was pregnant and that they needed to be married immediately (that is what they did in those days, I suppose) but for some reason, the letters never reached him and she resulted to marrying his brother and his brother and she raised his son, and he resented them both for the rest of his life. I guess also, it had always been a dream of his to meet Mozart, and right before he was going to have the oppurtunity to do so, he died. Such a tragic life story, he has.

    Anyway, I guess I went off on a tangent. I am going to get going now.

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