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PrismPerfect (prismperfect23) wrote,
@ 2004-01-02 09:53:00
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    Current mood:content
    Current music:Sarah Brightman

    Although my eyes were open, they might just as well have been closed.
    When I cross the city,
    This hypocrite, your city
    My body,
    Which passes through both of you,
    Is an insult at cowardice.

    You will find again
    The most splendid possession
    A moment of sun above us
    In search of you

    -Sarah Brightman

    Sarah Brightman played Christine Daae in Phantom of the Opera alongside Michael Crawford for many years; and in any case, I saw a cd by her yesterday when actually searching for something else, so I got it just for kicks, and it is wonderful... one of my new favourites.

    Anyway, Christmas break is winding down to an end, sort of depressing, I do not even want to THINK about another semester of school. Especially ap psych, the class I love so much, is unfortunately probably going to become the class I detest. And no more Philosophy with the lovely Mr. Dunn, oh no, to replace it, KEYBOARDING. Yeah, such geniuses are the school people that instead of putting sociology, the class I WANTED to take (which Mr. Dunn teachers) as the class during 4th period 2nd semester, they put it for 3rd and 6th, which are both ap classes for me, which I cannot change. So then, I was either stuck with Speech, or Keyboarding, the only two classes they even offer during fourth period. And of course I had to choose keyboarding because there is no way I am taking a class that is nothing more than writing and giving speeches. Oh well.

    Last night I watched Cruel Intentions for the first time in awhile- I forgot how much I liked that movie. I know there is a lot of sexual things/deceit/profanity and whatnot, but really it is a wonderful movie. I also got the book, Phantom of the Opera, the book that the actual play was based on. And I got a pretty Renoir calender for the new year. :) Buying myself things is a fun little oddity- I usually do not have money to just blow on myself.

    Anyway, this has gotten to be a sort of lengthy post about nothing profound, once again. I am off

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