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Princess is urz (princesshottie) wrote,
@ 2003-04-02 11:00:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:what happened to that boy

    oh my god wait til u read thys its madd funny!!!!!!
    hey ppl! wutz up?? well my week was good. i was on spring break last week & Mark sleptover the whole wek. i didn't go 2 skool last friday not the friday of spring break but the friday be4 that cuz Marco(my baby) was sleeping over & plus i didn't feel lyke going 2 boring azz old skool. LoL i love Mark so much. I love seeing his ex girlfriend cuz Mark is all mine not herz no more. i love it!!! Frankz sister Nikki lykez Mark and thatz funny cuz shez ugly!! & im hott n shez not! lol he would never date her again. i still don't understand y he would date her n e wayz she seemz kewl but she is so jealous of us she told sum1 that wen ever she seez Mark his kissing his GIRLFRIEND ummm bitch im his girl 4 now n 4 EVER!!!!!! his my whole lyfe i would do n e thing 4 him. n he wantz me 4ever so he'll get me 4 ever wait correcton he has me 4ever!!!! :} 2day during english i wrote on my bookbag in white out,"I Love Mark!" so n e 1 that lykez my man will c it n i hope his x n Frankz nasty azz sister seez it 2!!! ::laughz:: im so mean & spoiled i get wut i want hahahaha!!!!!lyke oh my god on saturday Mark & me were making love lyke alwayz & all of a sudden i felt thys huge unbearable unbelievable can't explainable pain!! he stuck his dick in my fucken azz on accident. i didn't cry til 2am sunday morning. i was so mad we were fighting bout it til 3am. i was so mad that i fell asleep on the floor then he came & slept next 2 me around 5am i got up & we slept on the bed cuz I was getting a sore throat & my nose was stuffy. my butt was hurting was 2 much. yesterday we got in2 a fight because he told Frank that we have sex 1st we don't have sex we amke love & 2nd i don't want Frank of al ppl 2 know that we do n e thing. i hate Mark 4 that. he bought me 2 pink roses. i love pink and i love the roses. pink roses r my fav!!!!!!!!!!! i love Mark im not mad @ him no more. 2day is April foolz day so i wonder wut his gonna do 2 me. ik wut im gonna do 2 him!::cruel smile:: my mom said that she has sumthing 4 me i wonder wut it is. i hope nothing. my mom dodn't do n e thing yesterday 4 april foolz day yea 2day is wednesday. i did the best 1 2 Mark. You guyz know how i told u im bi well thys 1 chick name nikki diff gurl not frankz sister she pr<< i can't spell it so i made it small lol well n e wayz>>> sher lykez me n i told him that i made out wit her n he actually believed me it was sooooo funny!!!!!!!! omg he took it so serious we were holding handz n he started letting go of my hand then i said april foolz n started laughing. i love that boi 2 death. then he still kept thining it was true cuz her n kriste my lez friend kept looking @ us or so he sayz. im lyke noooooo i never kissed her how can i im in love with u. he got me 2. he told me that he came in me i got lyke real scared. he was acting too weird last note so wen i c him 2day im gonna ask him wutz wrong. im not @ skool im @ home lovely old home. im going 2 Markz house after skool or i hope i do. his gonna ask his mommy if i can come over cuz his stepdad is a jerk thatz wut he tellz me. i ove Mark so much i miss him tons i wish i could c him ow. i wish he went 2 my skool he told me taht sum gurlz were hitting on him wen he 1st wen there yesterday was hes real 1st day. so last nte i gave him another hickey while we were amking love n wrote on his bookbag "Wendi Marquez Loves Mark :)" but the smily face was not on itz side. omg everyone im so sad my Teacher Mr. Cohn got laid off that meanz @ the end of the year he can't work @ rb no more. im s sad. I won't see him next year he was actually a kewl teacher. i love him man!!!!!!! but not lyke bf/gf thing lyke friend or older brother. i can talk 2 him bout mark cuz he knowz Mark more than n e 1 in that damn skool. im so mad @ thys 1 bitch of a teacher cuz ik she did thys. fuck u bytch!!!!!! well i g2g juan just imed me n im gonna talk 2 him. his so funny his a kewl azz guy but i never met him his lyke my big brother on line. bye pplz


    title: Hurt feelings
    My feelings are hurt do you even care
    All you can do is look and stare
    The day you told me my world was gone
    I can't even think my mind went along
    How could you leave me I really loved you so
    How come you didn't tell me and you just let me go
    I will never forgive you
    You hurt me so bad
    Even if you talk to me I will get mad
    You hurt my feelings don't talk to me
    My heart is broken my dreams are smashed
    You hurt me so much your a bunch of trash

    ok byr pplz i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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