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Princess is urz (princesshottie) wrote,
@ 2003-03-28 15:41:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:girlfriend- b2k

    yesterday me & Mark woke up @ 11am. ya lazy again. but i need 2 wake up late itz spring break!!!!!!!! he went 2 the drz again yesterday. so i missed him tonz. i love Mark. we didn't do n e thing but stayed in cuz it was too cold 2 go outside. itz raining outside rite now. we didn't wake up til 1:30pm 2day. ya real lazy. rite now we kinda in a fight im not talking 2 him n idk bout him his playing his ps2. ya we fighting i won't let him read thys n his getting all girly. i really love him & he thinkz i don't he wantz 2 read thys he already does. his such a dorker sumtymez. i love Mark sooooooooooooo much but he needz 2 start believe me lyke soon. i love him more than i ever loved Luis. His my 2nd love. Luis was muh first. on my right foot my toez r cold. omg yesterday @ 1 n 2 in the morning I cleaned my room n moved my bed n sum stuff around. Mark helped me(the love of my wonder lyfe)but we still need 2 clean it a little bit more. i popped my princess blowup chair 2. ::criez:: :'( lol yea that thing cost 30 buckz. Mark thinkz i don't c him haha. Yesterday in the morning we made love it was soo good. We made love 3 tymez yesterday. he is the best ever. Better than nasty Gabe n better than Luis!!!!!!! he is so jealous i have thys pix wit me & Matt wen i was dating Gabe n he just throw it sumwhere on the floor. wut a fucken jerk!!!!!!! i don't know how much more of this i can take. omg im lyke so mad rite now. i can't even think. im going his making me mad!! ::screaming::


    How does it feel

    How does it feel??
    Tell me how does it feel??
    To feel what is really real
    What do you feel?
    When I treat you this way
    Now how does it feel
    To feel the way I do
    3 years of hell
    I just put you through
    The anger built up inside
    The torture I let pent up
    I must release this hate onto you
    So how does it feel?
    Tell me what you feel
    When I release my anger onto you
    How does it feel to go through what I went through
    Much longer
    So much longer
    I can never let this go
    Fuck you and how you feel
    How does it feel
    To feel like I do
    Relate to me
    Because this is real

    Thatz all 4 2day bye!!!!!!!!!!!!

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