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Princess is urz (princesshottie) wrote,
@ 2003-03-14 13:53:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:i wish u died

    yea more fun but not really :(
    I think I'm all caught up but we'll see. We'll c how eventful this weekend really was. SATURDAY(Mar 8)-Frank called this morning 4 Mark. He wants Mark 2 go 2 his house 2 help him wit sumthing. & Mark actually went. I can't believe it. What a fucken jerk. His been there since thys morning. Me & mah dumb azz sister had a fight. & i beat the shyt out of her. Mark was there til 8pm. While i was @ the mall getting muh pictures developed Mark called me. I called home called Frankz house again but the azzhole wasn't there. Mark finally came 2 mah house n I was so mad. Mark wantz me 2 sleepover his dadz house wit him. I got mah stuff ready. We went 2 Walgreen's 2 get my pictures. OMG! Gabe took a picture of my pussy. I can't believe it. They actually gave it 2 me. But i couldn't believe that he took a picture of me lyke that. Then we went 2 his dadz house but wen we got there his dad had moved out. So we walked a few blocks down 2 his friendz house. It was so cold outside. We got a ride home. I love u Mark. SUNDAY(Mar 9)- Mark sleptover last nite. EWWWWWWWWWWW!!! My mom was doing sumthing with thys dude last nite wen we came back. It was so fucken gross! When we got inside i made him sumthing 2 eat bc he was hungry. 2day we made pasta. It was good. & we both washed the dishes. We made love 2 tymes. I love Mark. We dropped him off @ 10pm thatz wut tyme he has 2 be home. His mom was gonna pick him up @ 8pm but i told him muh mom would take him home. I love Mark so much! MONDAY(Mar 10)-Mark is coming to RB afterskool. So i get 2 c him. I'm happy! & were going 2 mah house. I have sum hw but not a lot lyke i usually would have. I can't wait 2 c Mark! I'm so excited. i have a dentist appointment 2morrow. I have 2 wash my clothes 2nite. I think i'm pregnant. Me & Mark haven't use a condom but he never came in me but my period is late well not that late. It was suppose 2 come Friday but didn't. So maybe it'll come this Friday. I need 2 clean my room lyke real bad. I need 2 get my stuff from Gabe's house lyke soon. His stupid dad was suppose 2 come Saturday @ 10am while i was @ skool taking my act practice test but he never showed up. So i guess i have 2 go there 2 get my stuff & Mark is coming w. Me! Me & Mark went 2 Target after eating @ Mc. Donaldz 2 get a pregnancy test. I took the test (the 1st one) @ Target in the bathroom. It came out saying i'm (don't u want 2 know lol) but i didn't tell Mark right away. We walked back 2 my house went in2 my room & i told him 2 sit down then i sat down on my bed next 2 him put my hand on his sexy shoulder while i was doing that he gave me look n look lyke he was gonna cry. He made this sound it was funny. Wen i put my hand on his sexy muscular shoulder i said, "baby, ummm sorry to say but i'm not pregnant," & started laughing. He was happy. He hugged me & told me that he loves me. Then we kissed, we made out for an hour or so. I love you Mark a lot! TUESDAY(Mar11)-i didn't go 2 skool 2day lyke i planned. I told my mom that i don't have n e clothes clean but really i just didn't feel lyke going & plus i wanted Mark 2 sleepover. I love Mark 2 death. I took the other pregnancy test (2 test in 1 box) be4 i stepped in the shower. Wen i got out of the shower i told Mark that i'm pregnant & that i'm going 2 kill mushily by drowning. I started the water lyke i actually was gonna do it. He was banging on the door & trying 2 open it with a knife but all i was washing my face & brushing my teeth. He wanted me 2 let him in. I made him think i was pregnant 4 a very long tyme lyke 2 hourz. I kept calling him daddy & he called me mommy. It was so funny. I washed my clothes & i told him that i can't do all the work cuz i'm gonna have a baby. Then i said, "Mark i'm gonna have this baby in December. He made thys face lyke he alwayz does. Itz so cute. I asked him how he feelz & he said confused. LoL! After a while he started crying. I started 2 feel bad. I wanted 2 tell the truth but couldn't. I started getting scared i thought he was gonna dump me but he said he would never do that. Be4 we went 2 the dentist i told him that i need 2 tell him sumthing. I told him 2 sit down. I asked if he thinks i'm pregnant. I had the test thing in my hand & i said, "Baby i'm not pregnant" & showed him the test. He hugged me & told me that he lovez me. Be4 i told him he kept saying I love you so much. I really love you. It was funny. But be4 i showed him we made love with a condom. We made love for an hour & a half but we couldn't finish bc i had 2 get dress 2 go 2 the dentist. So he didn't lyke that too much. I love him so much. If i don't want 2 make love 4 a long tyme ik Mark won't cheat on me by having sex with sum1 else. I love Mark so much! I miss him! I hope he comes afterskool 2morrow.

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