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Princess is urz (princesshottie) wrote,
@ 2003-02-11 12:40:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:103.5 new kiss FM

    Let me tell you wat happened on Sunday!!! Sunday: Otay. I called Sherri and here brother Don answered and told me that she didn't have the cell 2day. She called me back later and I told her everything that happened on Friday and Saturday. She wants to come with me when I go to Gabe's house (was suppose 2 be saturday but now sunday) on Sunday. I asked Mark if he would act lyke his my boyfriend and go with me and show Gabe that I found someone a whole lot better and he said..............(drum roll)........... YES!!!!!! I was so happy. So we were there on my bed looking @ each other. (Oh yeah by the way he fell off my bed.) I felt so weird and so did he (not cuz he fell). He was lyke so nervous. Then I went by him and we layed down. I was so tired that I fell asleep for lyke I think 5 mintues. Then I woke up. He kept moving. He told me that he was so scared and nervous. Scared around me? I can't believe it. And he keep telling me that I'm hott. Then I was telling him that I'm fat that my tummy is fat and he goes no your tummy is so hott sexy lyke you. I was laughing. His tummy is flat lyke I lyke. LOL!! Then I started teasing him. I have this low rider pants and I picked them up so he can see my bikini underwear strip. Then I pulled my pants up higher so he can see the front of my bikini's they say hottie all over and has hearts with fire all over too. Then I put my leg on him and I could feel his dick getting hard it was funny. Then we just looked @ each other. I was surprized when he came. I was falling asleep be4 he came. I got up ate the rest of my fries that were cold. When the doorrbell rang my Mom went to see who it was and she goes "It's Mark" I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then he used the phone to call his Mom. He is soooooo cute!! HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! LOL!!!!!!! Then arond 8 somthing his Mom came and got him. He kissed me before he left. I hate when he leaves because he looks all sad. Then I took a shower and went to bed. Monday(yesterday): First period(geometry): I told Sheena, Jackie H., and Elyse about everything what happened between Gabriel and me and Mark and me. Elyse was lyke Mark? And Sheena's lyke Mark is so sweet. His a pothead but his sweet. I said his not a pothead lyke he use to be. Sheena said that Mark is one of those guys that are so sweet that not many are and his shy and sweet. Elyse and Sheena said there tried of those type of guys that act all hard ass when there not. I was laughing. Eylse gets wanna be hard ass's and Sheena gets asshole's. I get sweet nice guys that all of them fall in love with me. Gabriel isn't one of those nice falling in love with me kind of guys. Then we stopped talking about Mark and me and Sheena started doing our homework that our stupid ass teacher gave us. I hate him and he hates me. LOL. Second period(child care): Me and Diana were talking about this gurl name Sam. She wears the same pants with the stars on the butt everyday. Tina came in and we were talking bout clothes and how she never went out with a hot gy but I have. lol!! Here comes Sam me and Diana look at Sam and look at each other then start laughing. Tina is lyke wat did I miss and Diana said that we were talking bout how Sam wears the same star pants everyday and Tina is lyke yea and the same shirt every 4 dayz. It was funny. Thne we had to take notes. It was Child care. Were having preskool 4th quater so we have 2 be ready. Third period(journalism): Talked about Mark and my lovely weekend. Lovely my ass. We went into the puter Lab and I had to write my interview about tis club called: Ski/snowbroading. It was hard and this fat girl name Jackie kept trying to write it for me. It was pissing me off. Not Jackie C. or Jackie H. a different Jackie. She's in my Journalism class and this other gurl name Sami thats so kewl. She is different from Jackie she's kewl. Fourth Period(gym): We ran for 5 mintues and I felt lyke my rib was going to bust. It hurt so much. I had to walk. We just done swimming for gym and now were playing Basketball. I talked about Mark to Amy she just looked at me lyke oh my goodness. You kissed him eww. But she didn't act different around me the same. She still sat next to me @ lunch lyke she always does. Jackie C. found my cal. and gave it back to me. Fifth Period(english): I hate English and my teacher knows. I'm the teacher's pet and I hate it. I'm her Favortie student and I hate it. There's only 6 ppl in that class and me and Amy are the only girls and she told me one time that I'm pretty. EWWWWWWW gross. We had this thing due today and I didn't even start it. So I told her that I left it when I really didn't. Sixth Period(resource): Me and Kyle Freeman went to the puter. I had to start my project. Joe was there. His a jerk. That's another guy that I use to lyke. But I don't lyke him no more. He lykes me a lot. I told him todaty that I'm sngle. JERK JERK JJEEERRRKKKKK!! LOL I told Joe that his a jerk for ignoring me and he said that his not ignoring me. I got up went to the printer when I walked past him I sqeezed his ass. LOL. He doens't wear n e underwear. Lyke boxers. Seventh Period(history): Notes thats all. That's wat happened at skol. I wrote Sheena a note and her boyfriend is in my history class and i told him that I have a note for her and his lykes give it 2 me and I'm lyke no. And he got mad i think. Then I talked to my friend Kat that goes to late sckool and I found out that this ugly guy name Steve lykes me. I knew he lyked me since Freshmen year. Ewww he's nasty. He's white trash. I told Mark and he goes please don't date him and I'm lyke yea right I'm waiting for you Mark. Then I asked if he made up his mind. His Girlfriend called at that time so we had to get offline. He called me back nad kept saying sorry Wendi over and over. He was sorry because he picked his girlfriend. I felt bad but I can't tell him to pick me over her. He loves her and he likes me. So i told him to stay with his girlfriend. I made him talk about her. Then she called agian at 9 and he says I'll call you tomorrow. After we hung up I felt lyke crying. I pit my face in my blacket that was on my bed for an hour I didn't move for an hour tehn at 10 I got up and came online and talked to Juan. Then at 11 i got offline so my Mom could go online and talk to some guy. I wacthed T.V then i went into my room read my book: Little Women. Then I said my prayer's and went to sleep. I'll wath happened today later. BI bi

    L0v3 m3 pl3@s3,

    I lyke Mark But he loves his girlfriend. I don't know to do?????? :'(


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