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Candice Meade (princesshoagie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 17:32:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:UT's Song..."Rocky Top"

    First Day of Spring Semester!
    My semester is going to be very interesting. Social dance should be fun (very cute *probably gay* guys being forced to dance with me, couldn't get much better). The teacher is the old cratchety type, but she is really funny! And part of the class requirements are going to a dance and dressing up and stuff! How fun is that! The only downside to the class is there is a book! A book for social dance?! Outrageous! And I wouldn't go buy it if there wasn't going to be a test on it. I still might not buy it....I have no cash!
    So, after social dance is World Religions. And when I made my schedule, I didn't consider that the buildings would be far apart. But they are. SO I have to walk a mile in 10 minutes...uphill...up steps...with a backpack...arg! But it should be a fun class. We're seriously going to study a lot...Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, African, Christianity, Taosim.....all that good stuff. Should be a fun easy class and an easy A.
    Then came English 102....and my teacher is a pretty boy with a Cornell degree. He's really enthusiastic, but I'm a bit disappointed. We aren't going to read any novels...just excerpts. We didn't read any in 101 either. Sigh...but I did start Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund (I know, I can't spell) last night and I am really enjoying it...
    Tomorrow is Jazz American Cultures and Philosophy....hope they are going to be as fun as today was.
    And I should lose like a million pounds by the end of the semester with all the walking I'll be doing. I was spoiled by having all my classes last semester in the Architecture Building. It's time to work it ladies! Build those calves and lose that gut!! hahaha.....

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