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Candice Meade (princesshoagie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 22:11:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Dalir Mehndi....some "Tyunk Tyunk" Indian song

    Whose Life? was fun!
    Jazz was interesting, we watched a movie on Louis Armstrong and I found out that he married a prostitute...adopted his retarded brother....and smoke weed ALL THE TIME!! He's pretty cool.
    Then in philosophy we learned how to watch movies critically and viewed some funny film clips.
    Joe bought me a stuffed Monkey named Valentine...He's so cute! He has a little heart bow tie. How sweet!
    We went to the mall and I bought some earrings...turtles, cherries, and butterflies.
    Then we went to the library and watched a movie for my philosophy class called "Who's Life Is It Anyway?" I highly recommend that everyone see it! I won't tell details since they are crucial to the film, but it's about a guy who is paralized and wants to be allowed to die but the hospital won't let him. It's really good, and it's actually funny too! Ha!
    Now I just tried to order a cell phone from AT&T Wireless, but I don't have enough credit...stupid... I just want a cell phone so I can feel important too!!! How come everyone else can get one and I can't? What's the secret??? Please relinquish your knowledge to me!!
    So now I have to go do some homework and prepare for my discussion classes tomorrow. What fun!
    Joe and I decided that we need a little romance, so we are going on a date this weekend. We are going out to dinner (haven't decided where yet!) and to the movies to see Big Fish....then home for some!!! We haven't done "coupley" stuff for a long time. It will feel nice to act like high schoolers and date instead of an old married couple!! HAHAHA!
    I'm still working on borrowing a digital camera so I can put some pictures of me on here for your viewing pleasure. Maybe I'll get one for the weekend. Awww...I'm excited!!
    I'm going to go play around on the internet and find more fun things for you all to enjoy! Bye bye!

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