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Candice Meade (princesshoagie) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 16:12:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:"I've got my man, who can ask for anything more?"

    I decided that I'm kinda boring. I mean, I have no obsessions! When I'm in the mall, I see things and I think of people. I mean, I see Hindu stuff, or Salivdor Dali stuff, or King Crimson stuff, and I think of Stephanie, I see computer stuff or Japan stuff and I think of Joe. I asked Joe if anything he sees makes him think of me in that sense and he said no. So I decided it's time to pick up an obsession. I think I'll do photography. I mean, I feel pretty skilled with the camera. Last year, I took some stunning photographs of flowers (maybe I'll post them if I can get them loaded) and I would like to try some more. I just need money to get a camera. But until then, I can borrow them from the Visual Center, of which I am an employee. Haha!
    But I'd also like something, um, less expensive. Just something to look up when I'm bored online, or have pictures of or something. I'll think more. Am I pathetic? Trying to find something to obsses over? Maybe I am, but I think it's the next step for me. Any suggestions?
    Oh yeah, I'm making a wishlist of cameras at bad no one else has any money to get me presents either?! HAHA!! I love you all anyway!

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