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Kristen (princess03726) wrote,
@ 2004-05-01 12:58:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Domination-Pantera

    today is gonna be so awesome
    oh wow it's gonna be amazing for me. this marks the first of five days that my parents are in st. maarten. and i'm here. granted, i can't sleep here cuz of their stupid "peace of mind" but wow its just going to be amazing to not have to interact with my stupid shitty father for five days. maybe i can actually feel like a decent human being for a change. just yeah wow i'm gonna enjoy this so much. no parents and a fully stocked wine cabinet. and no children...its not just wine in there. mwah ha ha mike got drunk for the first time last night at a party. i'm certain he had fun considering the ratio of guys to girls there was 1 to 5. but the weirdo just mysterious had to sign off before he could say anything. mike i say :-P to you. yeah and let's see...there is a bee trying to fly in the window again. it keeps hitting the glass, bouncing back, floating a moment, and then trying again. its determined to get inside when theres no possible way that it can. unless it somehow makes a hole in the glass from hitting it so much. haha such a paradox there. i wont try to attempt to explain its relation to life right now. perhaps later. yeah i think i'm gonna get s'more stuff off of limewire and then attempt to do some homework i haven't been doing. wow...thats so sad. the second thing i'm doing with my parents gone is homework. how stupid of me. but w/e i'll have more fun later.

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