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Kristen (princess03726) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 15:53:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Make a Move-Lost Prophets

    *jump for joy*
    YES YES YES MY JOURNAL WORKS AGAIN BIOTCH! stupid blurty server not working. and then my internet crapped out. but yay both are working again. wow i felt so lost without having this since i think sunday. and its wednesday. wow...just yeah. I think all that's really happened is that school started up again. crap i hate it. my first day back sucked ass cuz i had double french. then yesturday i had double health. i like the subject kinda cuz its more mature and everything but i absolutely despise two of the people in the class. i dont usually hate people...but these people are just on the severe boarderline of hate from me. and i could go into a rant, but i won't. yeah and i stayed after yesturday too with mike, BE, eric, craig, max, jess, eileen, lor, kimi and another 8th grader that i can't remember her name...but she's on my bus. we went to getty and i got some stuff there. mm yeah...max mooned eric and craig at one point. max was also jumping around on the empty 2-liter bottle of coke that BE had. apparently it makes a good pogo stick, well its amusing enough. yeah not much to say about that. i got home and i meditated or w/e for english...but i blacked out or w/e and got "yanked out of" whatever trance i was in from my kitten trying to eat my hair. it sucked cuz i felt like i'd been somewhere or seen something and i just couldnt get it again. and i couldnt focus on anything after. yeah but dance helped. i'm happy cuz i have a lot of the main dance down, i just get confused in some parts...but i was dancing around the kitchen when i got home and was scooping myself ice cream. woah random hearing...eileen is over and the person on the tv just said "i'm not wearing any pants" continue yeah today was ok too. i dunno i like how i'm headed now...its not like i have much to talk about when everything is actually going ok in my life. i mean it could be better and all but its not bad but yeah...mwah ha ha mike got his hair cut. it's different. i liked it longer better but i can get used to this new hair...but i like guys with longish hair and all u know. mm yeah and meg got her braces off today. >.< i want mine off. blah i have to wait until february. blah yeah i dunno what to write anymore but i'll definately update later. *pout* rimma's at ANOTHER concert too...the one that evan's band is opening for. whooo

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