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Kristen (princess03726) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 21:33:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:Bother- Stone Sour

    boop boop be doop
    yeah i'm wearing my betty boop shirt. it makes me feel snazzy. yeah not much to say currently. dance was alright. i've spent the night online again. max wasn't talking to me (and still isn't) so i tried spamming him with a random word for awhile...but that didnt work. i talked to carey for awhile too...its the longest continuous conversation i've had with him in a long time. the funny thing is he started it too. yeah i've been talking to BE...he agreed to have me force him watch guys and dolls. what can i say? i have a soft spot for old classic movies, especially musicals or ones that feature audrey hepburn. she's my idol. i talked to mike too...we talked about how today is national smoke whatever you want with your friends day. neither of us celebrated it in the appropriate way. but we agreed that sex might work too. and then he invited me over and at first i thought he was joking, but then he made me think he was seirous. and then he said he was joking and signed off. and i sent messages to his signed off screename saying things like "AH MIKE YOU SUCK...YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF MY GULLIBILITY" etc. *gasp* max actually responded to me...and he's telling me he just took 8 ibprofyn or however you spell it. shit max way to really start to scare the crap outta me. but yay ross and jess are home. so i'm now talking to them too. this now ends my random babbling because i am no longer bored

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