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Kristen (princess03726) wrote,
@ 2004-04-18 17:57:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Swallow the Knife-Story of the Year

    i'm bored. theres nothing happening currently, unless you count me playing with the sex bracelets i'm wearing. mm yeah i actually remembered my dream from last night. i'm like sitting on a couch talking to someone. and the someone keeps changing between like 6 or 7 different ppl. and people will enter the room and stuff. but its so random..and it wasnt a place i'd seen before either. it was like a couch in a room in front of the tv and all, and i'm sure that i'm gonna end up seeing the room in some house and be like "WOAH I'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE." otherwisenot many eventful things going on today. woke up, had an egg sandwich for breakfast, came online. i finished my book (king of shadows by susan cooper) today rocks its all like theatre and shakespere and yeah...GO READ IT. its now officiall surpassed sabriel by garth nix as my favourite book. hmm yeah what else happened today? i had ice cream for lunch and i told mike that i want to go back in time and thank whoever invented ice cream. and he said he would go back in time and kill whoever invented skateboards and take credit for it then calling them "latti-boards." mm yeah sure yeah so i also got to talk to meg today. she was online and i had to call ben for her, but he had to leave when i called so he couldnt come on and talk to her. gosh i miss her so effing much. its her birthday tomorrow. if she can find an international calling card shes gonna call me. mm yeah...i'm copying max and putting this in here:

    i want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more and no less. ask me anything you want. then i want you to copy and paste this in your journal, allowing your friends to ask you anything.

    so that will be interesting to see what sort of things people ask me, because i know people do actually read this. yeah i also found this in a random journal and its sort of fitting for me right now:

    How much can I deal with? There's a point when I can deal with so much and be happy at the same time. I get caught up with everything going on and fall into the emotions. Its so hard to get out of. Especially when most people I come in contact with let me down or put me down in one way or another. Especially, the betrayals of loved and trusted people come back to mind. The paranoia starts to set in. I dont know if I'll have some kind of breakdown. It wont be pretty though. I definately dont want to be around anyone when and if that happens.
    I think what I need to do is start weeding people out of my life. I know it will be so hard if I'm not happy.

    yeah thats it for now...i'll update if anything interesting actually happens. oh and i must thank BE for showing me that anti-spyware thing. oooh its still nice out...i think i might just go lay around outside for awhile

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