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Megan Insko (primaballet21) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 23:18:00
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    Current mood: confused

    SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!
    ALright Alright.....its almost time to get back into school mode after a long week of spring break....... But what a great week it was! (almost totally great with a few exceptions)

    I worked my ass off at the Bee's and then to top it off, drove to and from Kentucky in 48 hours :( That was NOT fun......very sadening(sp?). I really hope I am making the right decision with Nathan. I know its impossible for me to have a long distance relationship bc i demand too much attention. But at the same time not too many guys are willing to offer a girls how ever much attention they want. I guess I wont know until sometime down the road. I just know that i do miss you very very much......and hope that we can find a way to stay in touch. And both be happy. But anyways......i am thinking about you.

    On a little brighter note........... I have enevitable found my nitch here in VA. Along with a guy who really likes me, from what i can tell. I have to wonder what it is about him that i like so much.... Maybe its that he pays attention to me or maybe its that he is older......maybe even that he is the exact opposite of what i am use to. Very confident, outgoing, smart, very attractive, funny, settled.......i dont know. Dont even know if its fair for me to be with him if i still love someone else. There's a real good question if anyone has an answer. Can you start a relationship with someone new if you still love someone else? Of course im sure im not the first person to ask that but i dont seem to be able to get an answer from anyone.

    Its the worst thing in the have two different lives. I have my old life back in Kentucky and a new life here in Virginia. How can u choose btw that? Sigh.....confusion.

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