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Maria (preciousours) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 17:21:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee-Shake Ya Tailfeather

    "we just do it for fun"
    i get back at 2 in the morning from the city and my mom wakes me up at 10 and she's like don't you have to go to the mall today and i'm like yeah..shes like ok so how was the show last night..and since i'm so tired, i go what show?!..shes just like ok go back to sleep..and i'm like yeah ma i'm way ahead of you...about 20 minutes later i get up and get ready to go out to the mall..well as soon as i'm ready, cyn calls me and shes like we're not going anymore..well i start CRACKING up..and i'm like no your not serious, she tells me shes serious and that shes sick, so thats why we're not going, well after that it was just supposed to be me jen and whoever else was coming, but we decided not to go either, because there was no point. So i wake up early to go to the mall and we end up not even going!..this is how a bad day starts. Right now i'm stuck in my house with nothing to do, and i don't want to help my mom and aunt make strufoli (or however you spell that) anyway, i went to get some coffee, so my friend and I start up a conversation on coffee, and she told me that there's an ingredient in coffee that makes kids tired, but keeps adults awake. I don't know if this is a true statement or not, but all i can say is that coffee doesn't keep me up, and SOMETIMES makes me a bit tired. Anyway, i’m gonna go read a book, since i have nothing else to do and i MUST catch up on my reading.

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