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Glue boi (pprkutted) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 22:58:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Sparta- Vacant Skies

    Fuckin tired man. just got back from the mall, and seeing my girl. Pretty happy right now, besides that tired part...

    Worked today, good... 9 hours I believe. Suckered tobacco in the mud, and then handed latts of tobacco in the barn today. Wasn't bad, got a couple blisters, and my socks were soaked all damn day. But yeah, other than that, not bad.

    Went to the mall tonite, and saw my girlfriend, which made me cheer right up. Gawd I love that girl, yes I do. Didn't do much there, just hung out. Yeah, pretty boring, as usual. : D

    I have nothing to write, I just wanted to update this bitch quickly, going to go wait for Alexiz to sign on, and then go and hit the fuckin hay, and get ready for another day of work (hopefully rain will come and stop the work day) tomorrow. Later... But first, here's a poem, rip it to shreds in my comments after you read it, cuz it's kinda like a freestyle...

    Why do I feel
    Like the ball always drops
    Straight on my head
    Making me fuck up
    And making me sad
    Screwing with my head
    And leaving me for dead
    No one can see what I see
    Or feel for a second
    Life is a constant pain
    I can't even think
    What I am here for
    Kept alive by the small hope
    That one day it'll all be gone
    I could start a new
    And live a new life
    But that won't happen
    And neither will this pain end
    Never will I escape
    Or even come close
    Lifes a bunch of bullshit
    Dropping on my face
    Sprinkled with hope
    Only to be dashed
    By the reality of my world
    So I'll let the ball drop
    And continue to screw up
    For the only thing I have going for me
    Is the hope that one day, you'll realize too...

    Gawd, that was awful, and only took me like half an hour to write. I need to practice more, demmit, >: o

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