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Glamour Mistress (post_human) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 13:08:00
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    Sweet Fucking Christ!!
    God, Im like in a total state of bliss. Heres why:

    Two days ago, I was on the computer and I was pissed off as usual and Sky got on. I mean he hasnt been on in like 6 months, so hes like "Hey" and Im like "Where the fuck have you been?" my usual happy self. Anyways he tells me to call him, I do, flirt endlessly on the phone and he says, "We should go get chinese food or something." And Im all whatever, he tells me to call him tomorrow, I do, he says "you wanna do something?" I seriously had no intention of actually hanging out with him, but when he asked for my address, I didnt even think twice about telling it to him.

    He shows up at my house, Im looking so cute, its perfect. We go to the mall, then we go to the movies, were the only ones in the theater so we kept like talking here and there, he kept putting his arm around me and holding my hand. He also kept kissing my hand, and he kissed my cheek, so I turned and kissed him. Yeah thats right! Then we get back to the car and he kept staring at me like he was just so in love with me and he kept saying, "I like you, like REALLY like you" Anyways the car was make out central. we went to Waffle House and we sat and talked, then we went back to the car and yet again...*waves hand* one time, like in the two seconds in between kissing he whispered "youre amazing" I was like, sweet fucking christ! Yeah then we leave, I had to be home by eleven, yeah.

    I asked him what our status was and he said were "dating" ... "we need to go out a few more times before I can ask you out" whatever... If Im so "amazing" and he "likes me so much" then why doesnt he just ask me out now, yeah that pisses me off, but I like him alot too. He also said some more really cute things to me during the date, but Im sure you dont want to hear those. Im walking around like a retarded zombie. Im smitten. Someone please shoot me in the face... *screams in ecstasy*

    The worst part is that I keep having these flashbacks of key moments from last night, some of which were left out from above for safety or health reasons. I dont want you hearing something and then throwing up from the sheer disgustingness of it, not that any of it was disgusting mind you, Im just using it as an example.

    The problem is that I have to talk to Lezlee about it because we all have this huge history together. Like her and Sky used to like each other, then she didnt like him anymore and I did, then he said that he liked me too. Actually one of the things he said to me last night was "You know, Ive liked you from the beginning, like the first time I talked to you, I would say something and no matter what it was you would just say 'Shut the fuck up!' and I Lezlee would just say 'Woo'" The thing is Lezlee knew I liked him, she said it was fine, she even used to joke about it. But I have to make sure she still feels that way. I have to make sure its alright.

    Im still in a total state of bliss though...*smiles*
    <3<3<3 Adora

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