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Jen (popsicle04) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 21:44:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:'Are you happy now?' Michelle Branch

    Holiday World
    Well, I left on Friday night to go to Holiday World in Indiana with my youth group. I was all excited cuz I didn't have to work that day...Long behold, I got called in cuz Donna quit. I worked for 4 hours before having to rush home, take a shower, register for school, do laundry and pack before I had to meet at church at 5 pm. On the way down there, we passed Eric's house and I couldn't help but miss him. I really do think about him a lot. I miss him. We had fun at Holiday World but I got a little sunburned. I even flirted with Tim a while. I really do like him. Before, I just thought he was cute, but after hanging out with him for a while I really think he is funny, nice, and pretty easygoing. I don't know though, going out with the pastor's son might not be too good of an idea, and I'm sure Alicia won't like it. She might think that's the only reason I'm friends with her (which is not true). I didnt' get much sleep while I was away, so I'm crabby and tired.
    I called Eric today and told him that I still have his jersey so he needs to figure out what to do. I really do miss him. I realized that when I had to force myself to flirt with other guys. Eric is the one I want, but I already blew my chances with him, and he already blew them with me. We're over but I just can't accept it.
    Tomorrow I have volleyball tryouts but I'm still confused whether I should try out or not. In my heart I know that my senior year won't be the same without one of the things I love the most, but at the same time I'm unsure what it would feel like it if wasn't there. Anyways, I'm still undecided. Only 17 hours left to decided and I'm still torn. I wish things were easier than this, but that wouldn't be any fun now would it?


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