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Jen (popsicle04) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 13:06:00
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    Current mood: sore

    Well, I know I didn't get a chance to write before my vacation so I'll just update ya now. I worked about 20 hours and kept busy trying to bet ready for vacationthe week of the 20th. I left for vacation on the 26th and headed to my cousin Chris's wedding. It was so pretty. I'm so excited that he married the woman of his dreams. I thought it felt kinda weird tho to be at a wedding on the other side of the family. I was happy tho. On sunday we headed to Wisconson. We stayed there in the "dells" and rode original ducks from WWII. It was pretty cool. We headed to Minnesota on the 29th. I was very excited that we got to bo to the Mall of America. We spent all day there and ate at Planet Hollywood. They had no tax on clothes so I got some pretty good deals for school. We relaxed on friday and went to a pool nearby. I got pretty tan and Trisha got pretty sunburn. It was funny! On Saturday we headed to Ankeny Iowa to visit my cousins. We had a lot of fun. We ended up going shopping there to cuz they had their no tax weekend. My cousins Maggie and Libby, and Trisha and I went to Kohls and Target. I got even more clothes. Sunday morning I ended up smashing my foot between a curb and the step of our trialer so I went for x-rays today to see if it is broken. It hurts quite a bit. We came back sunday night and finally got to sleep in our own beds. Today I'm going to work at 4 and Tomorrow Trisha is leaving for college. We got a family plan so everyone now has a new cell phone but me. I'm getting a new one on the 14th. I can't wait cuz my screen is broken now. I'm glad to be back but I've got a lot on my mind for v-ball and school. Band camp and Tryouts are the same week and I still have to decided if I'm even gonna tryout. I guess a lot depends on my x-ray results.


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