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sarah (poorlittlelamb) wrote,
@ 2006-08-15 01:19:00
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    ending my time in waterloo
    this is my last few days living in waterloo. its the strangest feeling. i'm trying not to get too emotional over it. instead of thinking about what i'm leaving i'm trying my best to be excited about where i'm going and what im going to experience.

    its hard though. saying goodbye to the teashopers. i have the next 3 days completely filled with saying goodbye to friends. although i've been saying that its not goodbye. (i'll be back in september before i leave to say gb) part of me just wants to leave here and not come back to say goodbye. i don't do well with goodbyes. i makes me feel sad and sort of sickish for a few days afterwards.

    there are so many good and exciting things coming up in the next two months. its best to focus on that and to just have a good time. i get the honour to be in two weddings of some of my best friends. that is a great ending to my time here for the next little while.

    its weird thinking about "leaving". i'm leaving for a little while. i guess some people see a year as a really long time. its not like i'm never going to be back! i feel that in a year i'll just be getting used to things. i'll just be getting the hang of how things are in korea.

    as for right now there are a million and one things to do. right now i have to think about packing up the million and one things i've accumulated over the past two years. why do i have all this stuff?! how did i get so much stuff!? i hate the feeling of knowing that ihave to fit everything i'm going to need for the year in two suitcases. that includes all winter clothing. sigh. i better get back to it.

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