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sarah (poorlittlelamb) wrote,
@ 2006-06-10 19:00:00
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    today was the first day of my teaching english course. it was pretty good. the teacher is great. she knows what she's doing and i feel like shes giving us really good ideas/tips for what i'm planning on doing. its just beginning to hit me that in 3 months i will be somewhere completely new. and more than likely somewhere that i never expected to go to. for a long time i had france and only france in my mind. i knew that i wanted to go back, that i wanted to keep learning french. now i'm not sure if i have to do it right away. i know that its going to be REALLY difficult for me to get over there and i simply don't feel like going through all the difficulities of getting a visa, place to live etc etc. there are other places that make it really easy for us. everything is set up. housing, flight, job, internet and the pay is fantastic. i've heard only good things. the only thing is that i'm going to have to step far out of my comfort zone. its really scaring me right now, but i think i just need to do it. there are various reasons for me to stay in waterloo or stouffville area, but they're not enough to keep me there right now. i need to get this itch to do something new out of me before settling down. asia seems to be stepping up in my mind. nothing is for sure. it seems that these days i can't make up my mind about anything. one day i'm set on doing one thing and the next i'm exctied about something completely different.

    i did however get the job teaching english in Quebec. i'm going to turn it down. they're needing me to be there for august 25th. i can't miss two very important weddings that i've already committed to just so that i can go for training for this job. it just doesn't feel right. even if they said that i could come later, i don't think its for me afterall.

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