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Jamie (polkadotlover) wrote,
@ 2003-07-18 20:56:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Reel Big Fish: Scott's A Dork

    i just got home from dinner. yummm...i actually tried something new. speaking of sister finally got a job, and then got herself a new cell phone. its pretty spiffy. i wish i had one. *sigh* my sister's cat tucker got his balls chopped of today. poor fellow. but i think that cat is evil. he's got the devil in him. not really..hes not demonic, or evil. just mean to ME. the other day i tried to pick him up and he clawed the shit out of me. he got his claw stuck, yes stuck, in my muscle that is located underneath your thumb. and now it is swollen and sore and PURPLE. ahhhhh. not good. and its hard to get anything done with a fucked up hand. yesterday my parents got into a fight. not good. so me and kasey left the house with the dog ( caesar ) and took a walk. when we came back it was like nothing happened at all. the fight was over my dad not collecting his money from people (hes an electrician) and not giving any to the family. lately we've been pretty pressed for money. which sucks because i probably wont get a whole lot for the school year. maybe i just shouldnt be such a brat though. so i havent done my pilates in like... 3 days. not good. and today kasey came home with a taebo video. we're both going into this get healthy and flat stomachs phase i think. i guess its good were in it together than separate. next (school) year i am gonna completely be myself. and i am not gonna care what others think of me. beleive it or not, that is a problem i have. i am very self concious of what people preceive of me. oh well... so all of my friends are on vacation except a few. and one of those who isnt, destiny, was invited to go to MacAuthur Mall with me today and her dad said that 'we dont do the whole teenager - mall thing' i thought that was almost an insult. like i'm some slut who goes to the mall to show my ass. i wanted to go because my mom had to go to norfolk, and that same day the mall was having a huge sale. but, needless to say i didnt go (b/c my moms schedule got changed). i think i am going to start meditating. just for the hell of it, and to 'cleanse' myself. what i need to do is 'cleanse' myself of my friends. and get new ones who arent so stuck up their own asses. and who dont judge people that i care about. but i strongly doubt that will happen, because i'm horrible at making friends, and i'm suprised that i have made this much already. i think i am gonna go listen to some music. perhaps even meditate. (if i do its my first time) wish me luck. btw..i think i have a new favorite band..Flogging Molly. HECK YEAH! lol..heck yeah is my new spiffy phrase. like it? i do.

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