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Jamie (polkadotlover) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 23:02:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Authority Zero: One More Minute

    wow! i havent updated my journal in a long time. thats ok...not like anyone reads it. i guess it is just for my own emotional health. theres alot of stuff i have to say thats happened in the last few days...where do i start? ok...i'll start with the idiot sister. her and my mom got into a fight last night (over her cat) and my sister raised her hand to my mom (not the first time) and so a fight insued. make a looong story short my sister got dressed (this was about 11pm) and left the house. she walked around town for 3 hours. what a fool! haha...i got a good laugh out of me today.....I got my hair cut also, today! hooray...even though its hard to notice. all that i got was a trim and some low layers. i kinda want to dye my hair blonde..but i'm not sure if i'd make a good blonde. moving along....while we were eating dinner tonight Chris called. my parents hate when ppl called during my mom just hung up. twice. uuuggghhhh. so I called him back. i am very suprised i did, because he's much more my sister's friend then mine, and we rarely talk..even though last night i was talking to him online while i was worrying about my sister (when she 'ran away') . sooo i shocked myself when iii was the one to call him back. we talked for only 10 or 15 minutes tho.......i am listening to an AOL radio station..its Vans Warped Tour. i didnt know they even had such a station. pretty nifty huh? lately i've been getting more into punk music. or whatever its called. i call it punk..but who knows what it really is. its artist like AFI and Simple Plan and All american rejects. that stuff. speaking of....i want to go to Lunatic Luau really bad, but my sister doesnt want me to go because "people get raped and shit like that" there. so what? not every girl does..and what makes her so sure of that anyways? she told me to wait a year, let her go this year, see how it is, and see if its OK for me. uuuggghhh. i hate being the youngest. if i do go to Lunatic Luau..i think i will invite Matt...thats because he's already been to functions like that. and hes cool........back to the hate being youngest comment..every time i want to do something, if i am told i cant its usually because 'i'm too young' my parents and grandparents always compare my age to my sisters. like, for example, a date. (this type of thing hasnt happened yet..prolly cause i've been on dates too, but its just for example) if she went on her first date, at say, 14, when i was 12. and then I ask, at 13, if i can go on a date, i cant because i'm too young and my sister went on her first when she was 14. but then i get to age 14, and i ask again, but i cant because i'm young, and dating is something my sister, who's older does, and when i get older i will be allowed to date. did that make sense? it doesnt seem like it did, but its hard to explain. .................<< notice how much i love those dots. there like polka dots!! yay. so i think i'm basically done for then night. now i'm going to do a little researching of a band i just heard. it was (artist: song) Damone: frustrated unnoticed. i liked it. alot. so i'm gonna find out more. off i go!! bye

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