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Jamie (polkadotlover) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 17:25:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Toby Keith: Who's Your Daddy?

    Hey Cowboy!!
    my ASS hurts. big time. i woke up this morning, and it was in pain. only the right cheek. i wonder if it had anything to do with me purposely popping my hip out of place yesterday? i used to do that all the time, and my ass never hurt. oh well. and then, right as i was about to go to sleep last night/this moring at 3am, my hip was itching me and i found a TICK!! had just started to get under my skin. where it was was right were the string of my bikini ties at. sooo..and then my dog had 2 ticks on him today. i hate those things. you see, i live in some trees and we get lots of 'em. yuck yuck yuck. yesterday was weird... i dont know why it was weird but it was wierd. i got into an argument with my mom over some law about pick ups. she said she was thinking about getting me a two-seater truck so i couldnt be able to carry lots of ppl around in, so i said, well they could always sit in the bed. she said that was against the law..and i was like, no mom its only against the law if your'e UNDER 16. and she sat there and told me i was wrong. and i wasnt. so for half the day i just stayed in my room b/c my mom was making me miserable by continuing it. then padilla showed up. his first name is chris, but i just call him padilla. i SWEAR hes got the hots for my sister, because he's been calling alot lately, and he rode his BIKE to our house. and he lives like, 5 MILES away. but then again, i think he rides his bike around alot of places, and maybe stopped by when he was near. who knows...but it was nice to talk to him, though i barely know him. ... I think i am going through a PHASE or maybe this is here to stay: you see, i went to a rodeo like, a year and some odd months ago, and ever since then i have vowed that i would MARRY a COWBOY..which is so fucking DUMB to vow, considering i'm 14. but for crying out loud, those bull riders and their wranglers sooo get to me. i would suggest to anyone to go to a rodeo. so now, i am longing to go to another rodeo, and i want to go again sooooo bad. very bad. but, there are no rodeos around here. i'd have to go to dinwiddie or some GODFORSAKEN place like that. sooo..i guess it will be until i can drive for me to go to another. cowboys...*sigh* too bad i'm not a cowgirl. lol, that was dumb. so, i asked my mom if she would take me and two of my friends to see Charlie's Angels, and she said yes, but is basically refusing to plan the details. so i guess it will have to wait til NEXT saturday. i'm bored. thats the only thing (besides the heat) that i HATE about the summer. i have noting to do when i'm by myself. and my mom goes to school in norfolk, so she cant drive me anywhere, my sister doesnt drive, and my only driving friend, ryan got her license suspended. soooo i guess i'll just be bored as SHIT this summer. and i seriously need to lose these lovehandles. i'm thinking about trying out PILATES, but i dont even know where to buy a tape for it. so blah. at least i have my music and the internet. not that its gonna help drop these lovehandles. bye for now

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