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Jamie (polkadotlover) wrote,
@ 2003-06-24 20:23:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Radio commercial on FM99

    not an interesting entry.....court...tongue....wendy's shittiness
    I'm so bored today. And i am in such a bitchy, negative mood. i've been making some really mean, but funny as shit comments today. i was talking to my sister abou twhat i was lanning on saying on Kiss My Ass Tuesday, and my mom overheard and said I couldnt call. I was gonna call the radio station and tell my sister's boyfriend to kiss my ass. but nooo... whatever. i oughta call anyways. i ate the nastiest salad a little bit ago. i know that this is not the most interesting thing to talk about, but i am warning whoever may read this, NEVER eat a mandarin chicken salad from wendy's. nastiest thing i've ever put in my mouth. lol...did that sound right to you? anywho... so i woke up this moring really pissed off, because my dad had to go to court today (i'll explain later) and my mom went with him, and at 8 she woke me up and told me that they were leaving at 9, and to get ready. well, anyone who knows me should know that i need a hell of a lot more then one heads-up to get out of bed. so when i woke up at what i thought was anhour later, it was 10 something, and they left. i was mad, because i wanted to go, a/ just to get out of the house and b/ becuase jamie here wants to be a lawyer/judge when she grows up, so i thought it would be beneficial to go. so i woke up pissy, and kinda lost it. then went to wendy's and idiots there mad me soo annoyed. but who cares anyways? my sister actually got a job, working at a day care place, so now i have the house all to myself everyday, except tuesdays. and fridays, b/c my mom doesnt work then. i want to get my tongue peirced, or maybe my navel, but my gut is not pretty. so i know taht this is a dumb idea, but i am thinking about asking my parents if i can get my tongue done. the answer will be no. they arent into any piercings except if it is one in each ear. no more then that. guess i'll wait till i'm 18 or until i know someone who can hook me up. I wa thinking about giving my buddy matt a call. i dunno if i will tho. i like talking to him. hes awesome to talk to. about anything. so i layed out today for half an hour. and it was so fucking hot i was dripping sweat. so about the whole court thing. a few months ago someone broke into my dad's truck and stole a shit load of tools. (my dad's an electrician) the guy got caught, but the tools we no where to be found. today was the court date. and the thief fled. yep, he skipped town. so now he's been upgraded to a felon. and my parents still gotta wait more to get their money to replace the stuff. boring stuff, but i thought i would tell you. i am bored. again. i sooo wish i could drive so i could get up and go somewhere. and ryan, one of my only friends who can drive, just got her license suspended. sucks. sucks big dick. but anywho...... i think i will go now.

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