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Ehrickah (politicalpunk) wrote,
@ 2004-05-03 19:07:00
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    The end of my life as a highschool student is drawing nearer and nearer. May 20th is our graduation. And i'm petrafied as FUCK about leaving highschool and going to college. i don't even know if i really want to go that badly or wait a year or half a year. i'm trying to find a job, and i've been chillin with james and brett alot lately. i havent seen ali for a while tho.. i miss ya ali... but i know you got stuff to do =] I got my lisence and i'm working on getting my own car. for now i have to use my parents car. my dad is an asshole about it though.

    Senioritus kicked in about mid year. I haven't done much work, and i'm just passing my classes to graduate. oh well. i'm probably going to end up going to MCC, garunteed acceptance. I just have to take a placement test and pick my classes. Then all will be well, i guess. I'm only doing this to make everyone happy, cuz im tired of hearing them bitch. I know i can do something great, and that i'm smart, but maybe i don't want to. I don't want to be rich and live the american dream. I want to do what i want and be truely happy. Id rather live in an apartment and make money as a blue collar worker. unions rock. it's not my thing to work for the big man ya know. I wanna live life and enjoy my time here.

    PS people are bitches and screw you guys im goin home. right on ali =]

    leaving home for the first time
    on leaves of grass i wait for you.

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