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*Kes* (poisonxnitemare) wrote,
@ 2004-09-22 10:14:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:sublime is in my head

    in school AGAIN
    BWAHA! i havent updated this in like, uhmmm..a lot of months. im in school again! i have been for a couple weeks. right now, im back in algebra one with thomases little sister, BRITTNI! yay! i feel a little pathetic for being a sophomore in algebra one, but oh well. its all good. oh my goodness, so MUCH has happened since i updated last. i dont think i wrote for the whole summer. we got a new computer at my moms so i can tell you guys ALL about it, but right now i just wrote because im already done with the thingy we had to do (not because im smart, but because i already took this class). next is FRENCH 1 with mrs gulick again!! woohpee! actually, no. its gonna be a loooonnggg year. i shouldnt have skipped so much. :( but hey, at least ill know all this crap! yay! so yeah, thomas is coming over today and im really excited. we had the BEST night over at my house the other day, just talking in merrills old truck thats been in my driveway for like how many months? anyways it was a good time. we've been going out for 10 WHOLE MONTHS a couple weeks ago. amazing, i know, but pure bliss. hehe. but i dunno, this year isnt really as fun as the last. my classes arent as, well, "spunky". not a whole lot of my friends are in them anymore. maybe because im in some of the same classes that i was last year, and most (but not all) of my friends passed. well class is almost over, ill write later. BYEEEE!!!!!

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