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*Kes* (poisonxnitemare) wrote,
@ 2004-06-05 20:30:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:bad - michael jackson

    .:.:.WhOSE BAd?.:.:..
    Ah man. im at my dads and i have a CRAPLOAD of makeup work to do in order to pass my classes - i just finished my history and im already pooped. i have a HUUUUUGEEEEEE project due on monday in science, and my portfolio for english.

    Anyways, andys 12th bday party was today. that was pretty cute. hehe me and regan dressed exactly alike for it - our ripped black skirts from wet seal and bright yellow shirts with a black tanktop under it. awww, widoh bumblebees. later we put our hair in pigtails and wore red baseball caps to golden corral too. but yeah, the party was okay except andys little friend chris came over with his parents and hes SOOOOOO ANNOYING. i think the only reason he came was because his dad is my moms boss. but i just wanted to strangle the little shit. anywho, we did the whole cake and icecream and presents thing. then my moms boss did a little magic show and that was cool, and the last trick was awesome. he blindfolded me and regan and asked us to think of something(of course we already knew what to think of because he already had the stuff in a bag). so we acted all surprised, and then he blindfolded andy. and he asked him, "if you could have one thing for your birthday...what would it be" and andy(trying to be all cool because hes standing up in front of all the people) said, "uhhh i dunno man, a keychain" and while he was blindfolded my neighbor ed handed carrie(my moms boss) the puppy and so carrie took off andys blindfold and said, well is this close enough?? and andy just gasped and grabbed it. it was so cute - so is the puppy. its a black and white cocker spaniel and andy named it cooper.
    but yeah. hmmmm. well thats enough for now, ill write more later.

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