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Nicky-chan (poeticdesire) wrote,
@ 2003-01-19 16:27:00
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    Current mood: devious

    Joint RP-Story
    Untitled as of yet
    Part: 1 of 3
    Raiting: NC-17
    Pairing: Harry/Colin
    Takes place: Harry's Fourth Year
    Involves: Non-con, BDSM
    Taking a large chunk out of one's schedule to stalk the most famous boy in the Wizarding world was not an easy task. Sure, Harry didn't seem to LIKE him, but Colin would still insist and persist to become his friend. After all, Colin spent so much time around Harry and his friends. Currently skipping out on dinner, seeing as how Harry has not been present, Colin was on a quest to find where Mr. Potter had dissapeared to. The first place to check, was his bedroom of course.

    Harry was up in his dorm, the curtains of his bed drawn. He'd tried to sleep, but he couldn't. He'd shimmied out of his pajamas and lay naked over his sheets, those fingers wrapped around his teen cock, stroking slowly. His other hand felt over his slim, fine body, smoothly muscled from Quidditch. His hand continued to stroke, while his free hand played with his nipples. A silencing charm had been used on his curtains to prevent moans from echoing in the dorm, so the room was silent.

    He made it up to the older boys dormitories, and knew exactly which room was Harry's. He opened the door carefully, finding the room dark, and warm. He closed the door quickly and silently. He noticed that Harry's curtains where drawn. He must be sleeping. What a perfect moment to catch him asleep. Collin had his muggle camera around his neck, his hands lightly sweaty and clammy as he headed over to his bed, taking careful, quiet footsteps.

    Harry didn't hear, too enthralled in his own pleasure. His legs were spread as his hand stroked slowly up and down his hard, nice-sized shaft, those orbs bouncing lightly between his legs with each stroke. His back arched as his hand alternated between nipples, rubbing and pinching, soft moans escaping his lips, nude body lightly sweaty. The charm not lettign any sounds out.

    Nibbling on his lower lip, he made it to Harry's bedside. Very gingerly pulling one edge of the curtains away, the silencing charm would've broken through the crack of the curtains, and Colin could hear very distinct sounds. Moaning and heated panting. He thought something was happening. Was Harry being hurt?! He threw open the curtains, and what his eyes saw, he was not ready for. "Ha-HARRY!" Splayed out, gorgeously over his own bed, completely starkers, pleasuring himself. His cheeks went instantly Weasley-red. He was transfixed. He'd fancied Harry for quite a while, never really dipping into the relationship aspect of it. But Colin had to admit - Harry Potter was the most gorgeous boy he'd ever seen in his life. The way his body, lightly covered in sweat, muscles working in unison, the way his hand worked fevorishly over his swollen cock. Colin swallowed thickly, and felt a rush of heat in his groin.

    Harry blinked and looked over, eyes going WIDE when he saw Colin. "BLOODY HELL!" He snatched at his sheets, pulling the covers over him as he sat up. Still with his glasses on. "What the hell are you doing Colin?!"

    Instantly snapped out of his transfixed gaze upon Harry, "I was ... j-just cumming ... " he closed his eyes, his studder quite obvious to a certain arousel growing down below. Pausing on that word made him blush even worse. "You weren't at dinner ... I c-came looking for you ... when I saw that you had your curtains closed, I thought I could ... I could ... " he looked at him, his mouth having gone dry. "Get a picture of you ... s-sleeping ... " He started backing away. The look in Harry's eyes made him fearful. "Perhaps this was a ... b-bad time ... "

    He reached out and grabbed Colin by the front of the robes. "You're a bloody pest!" He yanked Colin forward and onto the bed, yanking the curtains closed again and forcing Colin down. "You know, 'bout time you got taught a lesson, git..."

    Gasping suddenly, instead of being thrown backwards, he was pulled down onto the bed. His eyes went wide, more terrified of Harry than he should be. "Pl-please .. don't hurt me! I won't say a word about it! Please, please Harry!" He begged, hands latching onto his beloved camera, fearing a punch to his face.

    He smirked and wrenched that camera free, setting it will come in handy soon. He held Colin down and straddled the boy's chest. One hand held the boy's face, his other aimed that hard cock, and he quickly forced it into Colin's mouth. "Shut up and suck, bitch."

    Having squinted, in fear of the punch, his eyes snapped open as his camera was taken from him. Harry's lean, sweaty body moved just slightly, and suddenly felt the weight of the bed moving just a bit, and Harry had his knees up close to his shoulders, Colin's hands pinned down at his sides. That cock was inches from his lips. Before his mind could think about how odd it was that Colin wanted to taste it, just as it was thrust past his lips, Colin giving a loud gurgle, eyes going wide, mouth opening farther. He suddenly shut his eyes, feeling the head of his heated member press against the back of his throat. Such a small mouth around such a large cock, Colin wimpered at the pain, at the tightness stretching his mouth. Tears began to swell in his eyes, trying to protest.

    His free hand took hold of Colin's camera while his other held the back of Colin's head. He began taking pictures of Colin's face with hic hard cock in those lips, and he forced Colin's head up, until those lips were against his smooth, hairless pubic area, forcing the 3rd Year to engulf all his cock, feeling it deep in that tight throat.

    Excruciating pain, and humiliation, as he realized what Harry was doing to him. He tried to protest, but nothing would work. He figured that Harry had pinned his hands to his sides purposely. He sucked, doing just as Harry had commanded. He felt the pain, and wanted nothing more than to just be left alone, to be set free. It was so embarassing. Colin had quickly learned his lesson, no doubt.

    He began to fuck Colin's hot mouth, cock throbbing as he pumped it in and out. Taking a few more pictures as he fucked.

    His protesting got a bit more demanding, struggling to get away, almost bitting at Harry's cock, shoved so deep between his lips. He groaned and wimpered around that hot flesh, tears having leaked from his eyes, dripping softly down the sides of his head. And then, he realized just how rock hard he was. He moved one of his pinned hands to his crotch, rubbing his trapped member against his thigh/

    Harry smirked and pulled his cock out of those lips and found his wand. A quick wave made Colin's close vanish. "You're my bitch..flippendo!" The spell flipped Colin belly-down, and another wave, followed by a band, Colin finding a limb tied tightly to each post of the four-post bed, spread-eagled, those legs bent, knees propping that virgin ass into the air.

    He was beyond terrified at this moment. Harry seemed derranged, nutters for sure. He tried to look over his shoulder, his ass so vulnerable. His skin was so soft and pale, very little hair scattered over his body. A few neat curles of blonde at the base of his dangling cock. Overall very fair, almost hairless skin. He cried silently, covering his face in the crook of his arm, "Harry, don't do this, please!" However, he somewhat felt that his cries were simply egging Harry on. Colin was so scared. He was almost visibly shaking.

    He took a few pictures, from different angles, of Colin's vulnerable position. Then his hand swung back, and slapped hard across that sweet ass. "You're my bitch. SAY IT."

    He shook his head, "Harry ... what's gotten into you?" he looked over his shoulder again, those teary eyes looking bigger than ever. His curly blond locks dangling in his vision. He jumped at the slap to his ass, letting out a small cry. Harry's bitch? Colin definatly didn't like the sound of that. He wimpered, "Harry ... " he pleeded.

    He smacked Colin's ass again--once, twice, three times, hard and quick. Taking a picture of the pinkening cheeks. "Say it! You're my bitch!" He smirked. He was rock-fucking-hard right now.

    Crying out, muffling his cries into the bed .. it smelled so much like Harry. An innocent Harry that he thought he knew. He lifted his head, speaking softly, "I'm ... you're bitch ... " he cried lightly, more from the humiliation of being displayed like this, having pictures taken of himself with his own camera.

    He grinned and moved his head, licking over Colin's ass, tongue slowly pressing over that virgin hole. Taking in that virgin taste, before his tongue slowly pushed its way inside, swirling around as he licked deep into that hot, sweet ass of his new bitch.

    Colin shuddered, his whole body lightly shaking now, this new sensation terrified him. Harry's hot lips, his probing tongue burried deep inside him, Colin never felt such humiliation, and pleasure at the same time. He hitched a breath, biting into the pillow directly under his face. He tugged on the restraints on his arms, his wrists feeling the full brunt of it. "Harry!" he breathed out, his body tensing slightly. His little virgin cock lightly weeping at the sensation.

    He nipped the tender flesh of that hole as he licked in deep, before drawing away. The tip of his wand pressed to Colin's hole. "Lubricus," muttered softly, an instant wet sensation felt inside that tight rear.He slid his wand in slowly, preparing the boy for something more--his cock.

    Something cold, slick ... then, something thin, very hard. H-his wand?! Collin struggled, wimpering, trying to pull away, "Harry ... Harry please! Don't do this to me! PLEASE! Aah!" he cried, feeling how deep ... how unbelievably deep that wand was going. So much deeper than that tongue. He twitched and squirmed a lot, looking over his shoulder, actually making eye contact with Harry. His own soft blue eyes, gazing into ethral emeralds, so completely maddening. Colin cried out again, a twist of that wand, and it moved just a bit deeper inside his anus.

    He grinned as those eyes locked with his own. A move forward brought his hard teen shaft in contact between Colin's legs, the head of his legs rubbing over the smaller boy's balls and cock softly. He slid that wand in deeper, before moving it out and pushing back in. He leaned forward, grinning, placing a rough, deep kiss on the boy's lips.

    Colin cried out still, from the odd sensation of the wand deep inside him, of the very light friction of that hot cock against his own, and now, the hard rough kiss to his lips. Colin had always hoped that his first kiss would be soft, and sweet. Harry had stolen his dream, and crushed it like a butterfly in his hand. Colin fought back, not wanting the kiss at all, almost bitting Harry's lips as he kissed him.

    He grinned as he broke the kiss, sliding that wand out. He placed the tip of his cock to Colin's tight hole and began to slid in, taking pictures of the penetration as he pushed into that virgin hole, moaning in pleasure at the tightness. "That's it..this ought to teach you now, bitch..."

    Nothing could have every prepared poor little Colin for the feeling, the penitraition, the sheer pain of it all, Colin was almost speechless. He left his mouth agap, hot and hard pants leaving his lips. He was still crying, still pulling on those restraints. "God ... God it HURTS! S-Stop ... please stop ... STOP! Harry!" he screamed, the pain was just too much to bare.

    "You'll get used to it." He started pushing in again. The charmed curtains not letting any noise pass. He didn't stop until all his cock was in Colin's ass. He let out a low moan. "Happy now, bitch? Got all the cock of the Boy Who Lived up your ass..."

    This wasn't happening. This can't be happening. Colin's mind was screaming, but his body could do nothing but endure it. Harry Potter, Colin's idle, someone he looked up to, was now ... raping him, calling him names. Colin simply tried to quiet himself, wimpering softly. He shook his head, relaying to Harry that he wasn't happy. This wasn't anything he wanted. He just wanted to be friends.

    He layed over Colin's back, fucking in and out of that tight, hot ass, taking the 3rd Year's virginity. A hand strayed down, feeling over Colin's shaft as he started to fuck. His tongue licked over Colin's ear. "You're my bitch now, for'll do what I say..." He moaned as he fucked that ass. "And no one will find out about this, or else..." He grinned. Yes, there WAS a reason why the Sorting Hat wanted him in Slytherin, folks.

    Colin felt ready to pass out. The sheer unexplainable feeling cowering over him, the evil aura in Harry, fucking him to no end, making Colin pay for what he'd been doing for 3 years. He continued to cry, trying to talk to Harry, "No ... I'm sorry ... I'm so sorry ... please ... please Harry ... not like this ... I can't ... " his little shrill voice, his body shaking more and more. He didn't feel it until it was almost over, that his orgasm had spilled out, pooling against the bed beneith him, his arse still way in the air, Harry's hand still stroking him harshly. He hurt far more, now that his climax had released.

    He felt that cum spill over his fingers. He grinned, shoving himself deeply into that spasming ass as his back arched, shooting his own seed deep into that tight hole. Filling the boy beneath him with his cum. "Three years I've, it's your turn..."

    Colin started to struggle, the restraints on his wrists now drawing blood. He wanted to leave. He couldn't stand it here any more. He didn't think that what he was doing was such a terrible thing to Harry. He curled up into a ball, as best he could, hiding his face against his arm, "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm ... sorry ... " he kept repeating over and over again. He had cried himself dry, his eyes were bloodshot, incredibly drained. He kept shaking his head, still repeating how sorry he was. Would this ever end?

    He pulled out and grinned, taking a shot of Colin's ass leaking blood and cum. A shot of his own cum-and-blood covered cock was taken, and of Colin's cock and the puddle of cum beneath it. "You loved it. You know you did."

    He peeked out from under his arm, those baby blue eyes so terrified. No, he didn't like it. But would Harry care? He stared at him for a long time, before he just curled up again, falling silent. He didn't want to move, but he wanted to be as far away from Harry as possible.

    He leaned down, forcing another, yet gentler, kiss on Colin, holding the boy closely. "You've wanted me, and now you got me." He smirked. "Well, I got you..but same difference."

    He writhed, feeling Harry's warmth - almost a caring warmth - wrapping around him. It made him sick. "I ... just ... wanted to get to know you ... as a .. friend ... " he spoke softly, his voice raspy, eyes still lightly tearing, with what tears he still had left. "I didn't ... mean to ... aggravate you like that ... " his voice almost inaudible.

    He grinned a bit. "This doesn't have to change us.." A little smirk given. "Won't be so rough next time, I promise..." He grinned more, rubbing over the boy's body.

    Doesn't have to change us? Colin looked up at him. This changed them terribly. But Colin didn't want to argue. Next time? He curled just a bit again, still chained to the bed, so he had still very limited movement. He closed his eyes, sleep almost taking him over, somewhat forgetting where he was, what had just happened. He made a little soft sound at the feel of his hands still over his body.

    A wave of his wand undid the ropes as he sat up, grinning. He got the film out of Colin's camera and tucked it away for safekeeping. "Going to be my bitch, Colin? My boy? Cause no one will believe me, Harry Potter..raped you, will they?"

    With his release, Colin curled deeper into a ball. But even that effort left him gringing. He hurt all over, finding places he never knew could hurt that hurt. He rubbed his sore, bloody wrists, moving as far from Harry as he could, looking away from him, curling up against his headboard. He looked down at the mess they left, feeling ill, just smelling the stench of sweat, sex, heat.

    He didn't let Colin move away. "Say it. Tell me you're mine, Colin." He grinned. "And you're not going to act any different, you'll be your old self, and you won't be afraid of me. Because I know you liked it. Your cock 'said' so."

    Wincing at Harry's evil words, his eyes wanting to tear, but no physical water to make them. He couldn't believe how uncomfortable he felt. He didn't know how he could possibly be his old self any more. All his energy was spent on following Harry, taking photos, asking him how his day was, trying to be friendly. He couldn't do that any more. He closed his eyes, clinging to the headboard tightly.

    "You know I love you, in some way..." He grinned as he drew Colin closely. "I wanted you for a long time, and tonight you just pissed me off, and couldn't stop myself. But it's happened. And I've made you mine. You should be happy."

    He didn't look at Harry as he drew closer, held him as if he loved him. His words were not settling for him. Harry wanted ... him? "Being .. owned doesn't make me happy ... it makes me feel worse ... " he kept his eyes away from him, rubbing his hands over his worn, red, raw cheeks.

    "Then we won't say it's an ownership. A loved pet maybe?" He stroked through Colin's hair slowly. "Deep down, you enjoyed it Colin, you've got to stop hiding it.."

    The little blond boy suddenly turned and looked directly at Harry, his face so close, "No, I *didn't* like it Harry! You were absolutly TERRIFYING!" he yelled at him, his lower lip quivvering, just watching Harry's almost demonic smile gracing his lips. Harry seemed to think he'd done nothing wrong ... how ironic.

    He drew Colin closer, kissing him softly. "Then learn to like it. Because there's no escaping it." He grinned and tilted his head. "You're beautiful, and you're mine..."

    The kiss was a startling one. He closed his eyes, feeling those lips moulding around his, still not quite sure how he should respond and react. He was slowly giving up. He suddenly lashed out, squirming to get away from him, pushing and shoving with his skrawny arms. "Let me GO! I don't want to be yours! I don't like this, Harry!" he pleaded.

    He held tighter and rolled, pinning Colin's body with his own. "You've asked for it since day one." Another slow kiss. "Always following me like a puppy, a you will be..."

    He cried out, "I just wanted to be your friend! That's all I wanted! You kept pushing me away! Now you've gone ... completely mental, Harry!" Trying to reason with a mad boy was impossible. Of course, Colin didn't know that the Sorting Hat had intended to place him in Slytherin. He felt he was witnessing the Slytherin within him, first hand.

    "If I have, it's because you've pushed me there."

    Panting heavily, he stared up at him, unbelieving that he had pushed him. Slowly shaking his head, "No ... no, I couldn't ... I didn't do it Harry ... I would never ... " but the look in Harry's eyes told him Harry was serious.

    "Always following me, pestering me, trying to take my picture,and then finally trying to get me while I'm masturbating!"

    He continued his feeble struggle, eyes the size of saucers staring up at him, "I didn't mean to! Gods, will you ever forgive me?!" He winced, his sore body unwilling to move any more. He felt ready to just curl up and die. He shut his eyes completely, turning his head away from him, "Please ... don't do this to me ... I won't do a single thing to hurt you ever again ... "

    He leaned over, grinning. "Be my little pet, my boy...give yourself to me, and all if forgiven..." Those lips curled into a 'sweet' grin as he kissed those lips lightly. "And I won't even expect you to act any differently.."

    Finally caving in, Colin nodded softly, eyes still closed. " ... alright ... " he couldn't believe he had agreed to it, or perhaps Harry would never let him go.

    He grinned. "And no one finds out, right? You won't tell a soul about this?"

    "Not a soul ... " he breathed. He lessened his intense struggle, his body unmoving. Tears still unable to fall, streaks of salty tears having dried over his pink cheeks. He felt dirty, in more ways than one.

    He kissed those lips gently, grinning. " can go now."

    He looked at Harry for a while longer, before finally getting up, his feet dangling over the bed. He had no clothes. Harry had whisked them away. He was afraid to walk back outside with any clothes on. He turned and looked at Harry with a look that said this, not wanting to speak.

    He waved his wand, Colin's clothes appearing folded on the bed. He rested his hand on top of them and motioned Colin closer. "Kiss me."

    Blinking, and gathering his barings just a bit, he stared at Harry. He looked sheepishly away and then moved closer, kissing Harry's lips, just a brief peck, hands on his clothing and ready to tug them free once his demand was done.

    He returned the kiss and flicked his tongue lightly over Colin's lips before he pulled away and removed his hand, grinning. "There we go."

    He snatched his clothes off the bed and quickly threw on his pants, before clumping the rest of his clothes and heading for the door, forgetting his camera and anything else. He just wanted ... out.

    Harry grinned and lay back in his bed, tapping his fingers over the camera. He'd have to get that film developed, soon. He smirked to himself and rolled over, pulling up the covers and going to sleep.

    Feel free to comment. Done between myself and friend KoziBot.

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