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Lisa (pnklease) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 00:32:00
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    Current mood: apathetic
    Current music:No Doubt- It's my Life

    Will this rain ever stop? So the boyfriend is prolly not coming home 'till wednesday! Sucky! I'll survive though, I'm getting over the missing! I don't know how much I did! It sounds kinda bad but is missing the same as boredom? I mean I really wish he was home, but I think if I had stuff to do ALL THE TIME, it wouldn't be so bad. The days I was busy were ok, I mean night time is the only time I really miss hm cause that's the only time I see him during the week. So if he's not home till Wednesday, I'll be fine! Until tomorrow when I decide I really do miss im and I'm wah wah wah wah I miss Dan. Ok so tomorrow in the second half of my interview at Verizon, Jackie and I have to be there at 1:30 so looks like another nice train ride into the city tomorrow! Hopefully the rain'll be done by then cause it's really starting to depress me- Like it takes much to do that anymore!!! Hmmm it's Friday now, yay weekend, not like there;s anything to do anyway! Thanksgiving is in 20 days, that's gonna go by so fast, I'll be decorating for Christmas before I know it and that scares me shitless cause I'm freaking broke!!!!!!!!! O well I'm done writing!

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