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Rory (pliny82) wrote,
@ 2005-04-20 02:05:00
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    Current music:Dave Matthews - Stay Or Leave

    Well hey there. It's been a long time I suppose. I in the middle of the end of my clinicals. Already have 2 job offers. God, I love this profession. Updates: I thinking about taking a job in pediatrics. It's a real calling, but this is how I think of it. In pediatrics, bad days are the worst of the worst, but the tiniest good day is better than any day in the adult world. I had a little girl in one off my clinicals tell other therapists she wouldn't take her treatments unless I was there. How awesome. What car got broken into. Fucking c-suckyville. I hate this place with a vengance. This week it's off to the natti for a conference (aka 3 days of getting fucked up with the rt crew). sweet. Katie got into law school (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!) A very big deal. She's ecstatic as am i and everyone else. "Wake up naked, drinking coffee, making plans to change the world, while the world was changing us, was good good love. You used to laugh under the covers maybe not so often now, the way I used to laugh with you was loud and hard. Stay or leave, i want you not to go but you did. What to do with the rest of today's afternoon hey, isn't it strange how we change everything we did. Did I do all that I should? That I could have done? " Dave Matthews is so cool. What else? I'm 23 now, but you already knew that. hehe, I'm bored, it's tuesday night and I have nothing to do. I love this. No tests, short of 2 I can take whenever in the next 3 years. awesome. Ok, that about does it. Let me here from ya blurty people. Catch ya on the flipside.....

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