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Rory (pliny82) wrote,
@ 2003-07-29 00:22:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Elliott Smith - Angeles

    Hey there and welcome back to the Columbus Sucks world. So, as if things couldn't get any tighter around here, the fucking kitten decided to break his leg. Don't get me worng i feel really bad for him, but 200 ucks is a lot of cash. It's funny as hell to see him drag it around now though. They gave him this big pink cast with a tan tip on it, and, when he sits just right, it looks like the cat has a schlong that's as long as his whole body, poor thing. But does this stop him from escaping from the make-shift enclosure we made him? Nope, he's just as good a climber with three working legs as he is with four. Stupid dumbass cat. Anyway, Columbus sucks this week because OSU vet school charged me 200 bucks to teach some vet student how to splint a kitten's leg. I'm all for teaching, but I figured it would be cheaper there. Aww well. Oh yeah, Columbus also sucks because Katie's car is still not running right (after taking it to a shop 2 times in the last month) and I have to drive her around. It pisses me off when she changes my radio stations!!!!! (Kate, u know I'm kidding, but there really is a limit that I can listen to three doors down). Let's see, I also have to get cleared for what seems like a level 5 biohazard area for this new major. Holy crap, I have know I dea where any of this shit is, so it looks like they'll have to test my blood for it, great. Work and school stilll suck, I almost wanted to kill someone at Columbus State last week for stealing parking spots while I was blatantly waiting for them. See what all this stress does to me? That's right, I'll end this on a high note. Fuck Columbus, Columbus State, OSU vet clinic billing dept.(but very good job to the vet students), fuck big bear, sam ash, easton mall, and countless others. I can't wait until Fall quarter. I'll catch ya on the flipside........

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