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Lauren (pleasebreathe) wrote,
@ 2003-11-23 21:11:00
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    So let me enlighten my non-existent readers with what happen last week. Friday night [nov14.] I worked from 4-close. I was in kids all night and so i told Jon that afternoon that I was working. So I was doing my work and Stefanie came in the Kids dept. to say Hey and on her way out she saw that Jon was in the store and told me. I was really excited of couse but i tried to just stay calm and what not. I of course started to get really jittery and started to shake. I patiently waited for him to just walk in because I knew he would at some point. So He comes in and I'm in the back of the section and i saw him and just turned around and let him walk to me. Whenever he comes into the store and I'm on the floor I always find him before he finds me. So when I do spot him out it'll be out of nowhere. I'll be walking one direction and I see him and I'll instantly turn another direction AWAY from him. I don't exactly know why I do that. I think I do that so I have time ot realize that he's in the store. Who knows. So he came in and stayed for a bit to chill with me. Eventually he headed out and I went back to work. So

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