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PLAYGIRL (playgirl1020) wrote,
@ 2004-08-23 22:48:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Chicago-- Your My Inspiration

    No more drama
    Oh blurty!!!
    what to do seriously?..... why is it nothing is going the way it should be?. //August 22// the aweful rent was late picking up my brother and sister. I Hate her~ she doesnt understand what she is doing to me at all i dont know why but she is being such a **BEEP**!!!! all i wants from her is a damn signature and she has to be difficult about everything because she is a self greedy dumb person. ugh i wanna just lash out and shart calling her every last namein the book but i know it is wrong and not to say anything like that online, but i cant help the way i feel anymore. i try and try so hard to be nice and be close with her ut this sh*t pushes me farther and farther away from her. she is going to regret this in the long run when she has nothing and she needs someone to help her out. whos not going to be there?... ME!!!!..... i cant wait until brother and sister are older and old enuff to see what she really is. a life ruiner that what. A gold digger, who doesnt know how to go out and get a job and live her own life. i swear to god if i ever was to ever see myself turning out like that i would put myself and the people around me out of my own misery...... And her LOSER boyfriend!!! WOW dont get me started. what a effen loser.!.... lets get ur kids health insurance buddy!.....your nothing but a drug addict and yes you are and you know it..... where else do you get your money?....and how dare him say if i get preg. than i am going to go running back to my "mommy" asking for her help. does he thyink i am that stupid?.... i wouldnt go to her for anything. i just cant wait until he uses her and throws her away like he did the last past three times but shes an idiot and believes everything a guy tells her bc she doesnt know any better she thinks everything is just going to be handed to her. well lets wake up to reality hunny. you need to work for what you want in life and u havent worked, mayb working guys but nothing that'll ever benifit you nor your family..... Ugh?! Blurty i cant get these types of feelings out to jut anyone, i dont wanna beat anyones ear about my issues bc yea i do admit i do talk about it alot and people dont always wanna hear it. anyways,------ i just got a new job an Gearo's working with Frankie. WOW what a boring job i cannot work there. i do not make anything. IM quitting! DEFF Mos DEF! i was supposed to go out tonight..AHHH frankies mad at me bc i didnt come hang out .. but i didnt feel good.... ill call him later... or wait hes online now! I talked to Mike.. and hes oat his friend Franks house playing Madden still ... wat a nerd! but o well i dont care.....I miss high school... i know like where did that come from but hey i do.. i miss it soooo much!...... i miss everyone i hungoutwith bc not everyone is as close anymore and its going to suck a$$ when everyone goes to college !!! BOO HOO... Tear Sniff.... i need to go job hunting mayb ill go tomorrow!?!?.....Hmmmm.....i dont know .... i need something to occupy my time.....
    thinking oh thinking. whats to make of these thoughts? dreams oh what dream oh what to make of these dreams i dream.?.?.? waking to reality and knowing dreams are just fake. oh when will it be the next i sleep and dream?

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