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PLAYGIRL (playgirl1020) wrote,
@ 2004-08-22 01:59:00
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    Current mood: indescribable
    Current music:USHER- LET IT BURN

    oh my Xanga I am sooo upset right now. after a long day of not feeling good, i sawmy mom, she came by my house to pick up my brother and sister. shes such a b*tch i hate her. shes ruining my life as i know it.ugh!!!.... i have to wait until january to go to college now because she and her lovely coke addict of a boyfriend, who by the way is using her an deals drugs and is a manager at a BAR. i mean come on who manages a bar?...LOSERS!!! get a real job. i hate him too he has turned my mom into a loser also. she doesnt work or anything. all she does is depends on guys to help her out. shes lucky she has my brother and sister still or atleast until they are old enough to realize how bad of a person she really is! she lost me and the way she treats me, ugh... she doesnt deserve to have me as her daughter, shes no role model. shes a rediculous woman who wont realze the world isnt free. ugh omg i hate talking about her but no one wants to hear me badger bull crap all the time about stuff like this . i mean it bother me sooo much its all i talk about anymore. how my mom is or has become a loser. no direction. so dependent on other people. o well. anyways...... all of my friends or most of them are leaving for college soon. i am going to miss them. i need to find a job!!...asap! dads giving me a hard time about it. hes right tho i need something to take up my time. everyone always drinks now. no one does anything fu. nothig is fun anymore. i hate drinking now its getting soooooooo boring, and no one actually wants to go anywhere. i just go off the phone with Mike and hes going to play Madden with all of his friends. o wel i guess i will see him tomorrow. me and him are going to the park to take some picturess of the both of us. we dont have aby pictures of us yet. today is the 22nd of august. today is the day , if me and frankie were still together, is the day we first kissed and liked or got to know eachother well and were together for soooo long. Memories! but life goes on. RIGHT?.... I miss Medium Megan!... she hasnt called me at all in the last past few days. that bothers me. i called her today but of course her phone went right to her VM. i guess everyone is just going there own ways.... its sad really but hey again life goes on. but its 10:24 pm now so im going to go and try to find something to do..... ok Love ya Smooches xoxo

    Sparkling Lullaby = ME!

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