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IMRU? (plastic_prism) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 22:20:00
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    Current mood:pissed off
    Current music:silver chair !~Abuse Me~!

    i hope he rots
    today would have been a relatively good day if i hadn't gone to that fucking church...
    i got up a little after 8, took a shower, and got ready to go to my dad's work. we were supposed to go get info for my enrolment to bellville high. my dad ended up not going, so i went by myself. i got the papers and asked about a dress code, but they couldn't give me any information on it cause they're stupid. oh well. i went back to my house and ate brunch, which consisted of a chicken and cheese sandwich (my only meal for the day, i have decided). my dad came to my house around 11:20 or so and asked me why i wasn't at work yet. just playing around, he hit my shoulder pretty hard. i got up and said "alright old man, you don't want none," as i got into my black belt worthy Chun-Kuk-Do fighting stance. he acted like he was going to try and hit me again. i dodged it and flung my fist full speed at his face. he closed his eyes hard just before i stopped my punch about 5mm away from his face. when he opened his eyes, i tapped him on his cheek with my hand and told him that if he needed me for anything that i'd be out working. he said OK and left. I worked for about 2 hours, then came back to my house, and took another shower cause I was filthy. carlos was here now, along with my brother. we went to my hometown and picked up my contacts from the post office and then headed to tommy's house. we didn't even stay there long enough to play pool. from there we went to my friend christina's house where we played midnight club on her play station 2. then we went to the church. we had to sit outside for like 20 minutes because Jason (the youth pastor) wasn't there yet and the ppl in the office won't let us into the youth barn w/o an adult. Jason finally got there and let us in. i worked on some music that we are supposed to be playing on the 17th at our church and later in september at another church (i think). well carlos pulled out tommy's bass and started playing some stuff that he knows how to play on guitar and matt is playing on the drums and i'm trying to tab out this new song for our music line-up (i'm tired of playing the same shit over and over again). it didn't work very well. so, i figured if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. i played along with them for a while once i got the main riffs for the song tabbed. then it was time for youth to start. we played like 5 songs and the Jason gave his bullshit lesson on homosexuality and how wond it is. i wanted to fucking kick him in his ugly face. he knows i'm a lesbian and it seem that he rescently has built all his lessons on how wrong it is. added with the fact that he's just a tad bit homophobic... he made me want to go knock the fuck out of someone/something, anything. when the lesson was over, i loaded my guitar and amp into my car and sat in it with a cd playing and the volume up just as loud as i wanted to scream. i was waiting on carlos and my brother to get their shit together so we could leave. i listened to my 2 favorite songs by silver chair. "Abuse Me" and i don't know the name of the other. it's the fourth song on their "Best Of" album. I like "Abuse Me" a lot though. you know, it's the one that goes, "common, abuse me more, i like it. common, keep talking cause it's true." yeah... that one. anywho, yeah. i hope Jason rots.
    ~ @}---

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