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IMRU? (plastic_prism) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 09:19:00
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    old and new
    ok, i spent the night at my friend rainies house on sunday. she's a former best friend and neighbor of 9 years. we spent the whole day shopping. it was funny 'cause she and i are almost exact opposites. i spent the whole time creating havoc with her little brother mike. it was fun but i don't want to go shopping again for a while unless i have money too. so, i spent the night. there wasn't anything different about it until i was leaving. rainie's little brother ran up and hugged me as hard as he could.
    Anywho, my bro picked me up and he had his friend tommy with him. tommy had spent the night at my new house with my brother. we took tommy to his house, which is just up the road from rainie's, and hung out there for a little while. we were waiting for tasha to get ready cause she needed us to take her down to talk to her recruiting officer. she's enlisted in the USMC. we took her where she needed to go and i went inside with her. she had to do all her physical tests again. i got to do most of it with her. the flexed-bicep hang was pretty easy. you're supposed to hang for a minimum of 15 seconds. tasha hung for about 18 and i stayed for about 57. i felt bad about making her look bad, but i don't like half assing things too much. then tasha did sit-ups. she was supposed to do 42. she didn't even get close. her recruiter just told her to say she did 35 (she wasn't even close to that. it was pretty sad cause i could have done like 50). then we went to the track down the street. we were supposed to run a mile and a half in under 15 minutes, which is mad easy for me cause i used to be in track (not for very long, but long enought to have to run 4 miles in freezing cold rain and get through a 200m dash in 37 seconds after running 2 miles). well, i'm wearing these pants that have pretty big legs on 'em. i didn't think much of it until i was running though. as soon as i would start to hit anything over a jog, i'd trip. i hit the groung like 3 times. i was funny, but it hurt. i just kept getting up coming back for more. i have a scrape below both knee caps and a gash on my left knee cap, which happens to be my bad knee. i tore my ptl (long story). so, i'm still runnung and we get to the mile marker and Sgt. Cantu is there waiting. We stop cause it's like 102+ outside and we had no water. tasha was just about dying and my knees were killing me (a fact that i hid behind a huge smile and a look of accomplishment and pride). i said to myself 'I think that i could do this every day'. Sgt. Cantu was asking me how old i was. i told him he would have to wait another 8 months before he could even think about recruiting me. he looked diappointed, yet hopefull. i'll probably just work out with them until i decide whether or not i'll join.
    ~ @}---

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