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plaid coloured fiend. (plaid_fiend) wrote,
@ 2002-11-09 18:43:00
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    tournament torment
    Explained to TEd why I wasn't at the dance last night (felt so bad!)
    He understood though so it's all good.

    before even the first round,
    schematics were screwed up because of late entries and it took longer

    Amanda put french braids in my hair,
    two so they came down as pigtails.

    I wore my schoolgirl-ish outfit today,
    plaid mini, sweater and knee socks.

    TEd told me I'm beautiful,
    he makes me happy.

    Our first round was affirmative,
    we thought we lost.

    TEd was scheduled to judge my second debate,
    he found [luckily] a way out of it, conflict of interests.

    Our second was negative,
    we knew we lost.

    We went out to Wendy's,
    some strange old hobo dude started talking to us at Wendy's.

    The boys were entertained,
    he [hobo] dumped a pack of sugar in Mrs. Smith's hand, we have a picture, cocaine?

    Back to school,
    we were real late back.

    I felt bad,
    the judge said we were 30 minutes late.

    Oh but lord,
    It was delone!!

    We whipped them good the first week,
    I figured they wouldn't be a force to be reckoned with.

    I really hadn't wanted to debate again,
    but it was fine when it was them.

    It was a toss up, we won the toss up
    and went affirmative.

    I was really comfortable this time,
    I knew we won.

    They dropped all their arguments but one,
    which wasn't something they could even win on.

    It felt good but the other kids were fighting,
    nonsensical ephemeral shit.

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