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Angel (piscesdream) wrote,
@ 2005-01-02 21:25:00
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    baby on the move
    i can feel my baby. its so nice. i kept little josue last night and he had colic and it was nightmarish at first but then he fell asleep on me and i wanted to cry, he's such a cupcake. i am trying to eat right for my little one but its hard. i love junk food. i crave junk food every day. yesterday i was craving a checker burger which is like my major craving lately so i had one but as of yesterday i started keeping track of everything i eat so that i can try to get everything in every day that i am suppose to and have less of what i'm not. its hard. i woke up at five today having a dream about popeyes so i went and got chicken and biscuits finally when i couldn't take it anymore. i know popeyes is junk food too but its a little bit better than checkers right?? well anyways for dinner all i had was broccoli w cheese and rice because i wasn't really hungry and my mom made chicken which i didn't want again. i ate very little of that in fact and now i'm starving and i can't find anything really nutritous that i can bear eating right now. i want junk and i want it bad!!! i guess i will eat cheerios or tomato soup or something. its weird that you have this vision that when you get pregnant you can eat all you want all the time and when you actually get there you realize to take care of the baby you only need 300 extra calories a day so you don't get to eat all the time and be the right weight to be healty and then on top of that what you do eat becomes wayyy more important and your diet actually becomes stricter. ick. oh well atleast vanilla ice cream gives me one fat serving and one calcium serving. yayy for that!

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