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PintsizedAngel (pintsizedangel) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 15:12:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:silence

    Alright. Yesterday was actually a day where I *did* something. LoL- All afternoon was Karen's baby shower and it wasn't as awful as I expected. I didn't have much interaction with that part of the family, though, which is relatively nice. LoL- I'm so mean. I mostly spent time with my mom, Aunt Mayra, Bryan, Lynda, and baby Breanna whom I love to death. She's the cutest, sweetest thing EVER. Awww! I meant to bring my digi cam but totally forgot. Whoops. Anyway, we left there at 6 and I could not, for the life of me, reach Nora to get info about her graduation party. Finally, I reached her and she said that everyone was going over to Josh and Mike's. So, after calling Mike about 10 times, I call his houseline (which is nearly forbidden. LoL) and get info. I was driven to his house and got there around 7:30. When I got there, Grant, Chris, Mike, Josh, Lauren, and Julie were already there. Eventually, Nora, Hannah (who left my photo album at NORA'S! Grr!), Alex, Alex's friend Jaime, Brittany, Barbara, and Nadia showed up. Jason and Keith came as well, which is fun times. Anyway, we watched a lot of TV- mostly Can't Hardly Wait, and this hysterical Japanese "extreme elimination" show. Then we watched about half of Scary Movie when everyone sort of parted. Most everyone went to 7-11 in Keith's car, but we had no idea where they are. Me, Hannah, Mike, and Barbara were running around the streets. I was very barefoot. LoL Then we decided to play Manhunt. But of course- me over here, I'm pretty scared of the dark. LoL- So, we count first and it took forever to find half of the people. It ended up that Keith, Lauren, and Julie just sort of came out since it took too long for us to find them. We were lax about it, though. It was my team's turn to hide and I had a really pathetic hiding spot and Keith found me pretty fast. He's just like "1-2-3 Manhunt..yeah.." and then he escorted me back to base (his car) which was pretty funny. We played for a little while longer, until about 11:15. At one point, I was in "jail" and Mike was on the other team. I was being sort of flirtacious and he's like "want to come find the others with me?". I went with him knowing FULL WELL that we weren't going to look for anyone. He took me in his backyard and we walked back and forth a couple of times. He was standing behind me but his arms were around my waist and his hands were clasping mine. It was very flirtacious. And he kept pulling me back when I wanted to go into the front yard. I eventually got away though. Why is it that when I finally do NOT have interest in him, he comes at me full force? Who knows? Anyway, we went back into the house and everyone left except for me so it was Mike, Jason (who was sleeping over) and Josh for about 10 minutes. I got home around 12:15 and went to bed around 1:30. Oy. It was a pretty fun night, overall, though. I need to get out and do fun things more often.

    I text messaged Chelsea before asking if she was going to Cool Beans tonight but no answer. I'm going to call her line in a few minutes and hopefully she's there and is going to CB tonight. I really want to see her. We'll see.


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