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Slammin' Sammy's daughter, Danielle (pinkyvixen) wrote,
@ 2003-10-06 16:31:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:"This one's for the girls" ~Martina McBride

    fun in the sun
    Okay, so I don't know why I named it that, but it's 65* in October, how nice is that? Anyways, tomorrow is going to be 75* and I have the day off... yay for me. I just thought of Grrrr so that's how random I am. This weekend I went up to Northern to hang out with John. I didn't want to go alone, so I brought Suzi. We had a fun time though, we had a LOT of drama. Now I can use the grrrr. FIRST... I don't know if I should say first, because I was drunk and I don't really remember everything nor do I remember the order in which they happened. We went to The Barn. TJ said he might be there or Stanley's, but townie bars aren't that much fun. So whatever, we went there. TJ and Christy went on a "triple date" or whatever you wanna call it with Josh and "THE BITCH," Erin, and Tara and her boyfriend. ICK, that's all I have to say about that. TJ was telling me at the big party last weekend that he really loves Christy a lot... yah, I care. =( Anyways, so we were at The Barn and Suzi wanted to talk to Christy and tell her that she didn't want to get back with TJ, that she respected their relationship, etc etc, to make Miss Insecure feel better. She doesn't want TJ, she genuinely doesn't. She does, however, want to keep being friends with him. She drunk dialed him one night when she was walking home from AKL drunk, cold, tired, scared, whatever, in a skirt. Yes, it was 4:30AM, but she did call me, Meghan, Tina, yadda yadda.... she just needed someone to talk to. So when Suzi finally got around to talk to Christy, Christy just said to her, "Can you not call TJ anymore, cuz it bothers me!" Whatever, that is all I have to say. TJ calls her too... I guess she was mad because Suzi knew that they were together and I guess she felt that Suzi was stepping on her toes. TJ was trying to explain it, that it was nothing more than friends, and she just needed someone to talk to, but she didn't really care or she is really jealous. I think, more than anything, the girl is just insecure and just needs to know that Suzi and TJ are FRIENDS.... that's it. They talk to each other once or twice a week, just catching up on the week. There is no phone sex or anything like "Let's hang out" or "Let's go on a date." Ahhhh insecure people just erk me. For me, in a relationship, TRUST IS #1. If you don't have trust, you are going to believe that the person you are with is out getting some everywhere else when they go out, or anytime they aren't with you. I don't care if my (non-existent) boyfriend goes out with his buddies, or goes out with girls, just as long as he comes home to me. He needs to be honest up front and say "hey I'm going out with my friend, Sarah" and that just shows that he isn't hiding anything. I guess I'm not really the jealous type... tisk tisk, maybe I am. WeLL, drama scenario #2....... we saw Buddha and jerky Mazer. (I don't know or CARE how to spell it.) So when Mazer saw Suzi he rolled his eyes and said something to Buddha, and Buddha goes, "I didn't say anything, man." Like why did you tell her that we were going to be there, when we didn't even know. Suzi called Buddha earlier to see what was up but he never called her back. She had no idea they were going to be there, and Mazer thinks she's a stalker....... yah, he's a dick anyways.... DRAMA SCENARIO #3 So we saw Lauren.... ew duck and hide, right? Well Suzi and I were in the bathroom and she was like, "No more grudges, let's make amends... let's forget the past and be friends." HELLLLLLLO!!!!!!!! WTF, did I miss something? Coming from someone who practically banned me and did whatever she could to make everyone in the AKL house hate me?!?!? WOAH... so it was super weird for me and we were just talking for a little while...... so I don't know how it happened, but I said something about her friend. I think it was along the lines that she was fat. I said "Dude what's up with"........ something. I don't know, but Lauren flipped out. She was like that girl is my friend, dadada
    and Aaron Odor was there too-- from the VXA and we had talked earlier. I guess she was his friend too, and they were going off... so whatever, I went outside I remember. Then the girl I said something about came up to me and was like "you don't even know me and you are talking shit...." and Lauren was like, "she's sucha nice girl" or something, I don't remember too well... whatever, so I apologized and I remember saying "What else do you want me to say, I'm sorry." I kept saying something like I just wanna go home or something. Then I don't know too much, and Suzi pulled me out and we went home. The barn is really close to Suzi's place, so we walked her home and Josh and Erin were right in front of us, that was kinda funny. I guess Erin was crying that night because Josh was being mean to her and not giving her is full attention.... hahahaha, it just makes me laugh how PATHETIC he has become. I feel bad though about talking shit about that girl... I have no room to talk on the "being fat" topic. I would never want anyone to say that about me either. All I can say that it was the alcohol talking and had I been sober, I would have never said anything.... oh God, where was my MUZZLE then? Oh well, you live and learn right? I guess Lauren isn't my friend again! hahaha

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