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gretchen (pinkunicorn) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 19:43:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:depechemode, (people are people)

    do i try too hard to make you smile?
    i just got really sad. I just feel like maybe im missing out on teenage things. I already look at MOST everyone my own age as idiots that are really immature. But im thinking i might have a curse by understanding people; it just really sucks. I miss my friends, but i guess they arent really my friends anymore. Taylor asked me why i dont "hang out" anymore and its like, well i dont do drugs anymore, and thats all you ever do. I kinda feel like a big loser, caroline really is my only friend that i actually want to hang out with. Ill just stop whining now.
    The whole modeling thing for Toni and Guy isnt going to work out im afarid. Cyndi hasnt called and she said she would by tomorrow. So, so long free dye job... ::sigh:: im not pretty enough to be a model anyways, i dont know why i thought that would work.
    I bought a nose ring, like an actual ring. It really hurt when i put it in, like it stretched out the hole and i dont even think it looks that good. Its kinda too big, and im worried my moms going to flip when she sees it. I wish i could be as talented as caroline. She seems so well-rounded and multi-talented. I'm probabaly good at 3 things when she can do 10. Good for her, bad for moi. But i love her. (truely) :) haha not!

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