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[x] Jessie [x] (pinkriot13) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 19:16:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable
    Current music:I want to Conqure The World, Bad Religion

    I'll Stop The World And Melt With You...
    First Off Why the Hell Do Guys Think It Turns You On When They Go Right Into Talking Bout How They Need To Get Up Earlier For Work and School To Find Clean Clothes And Socks Cause There Socks Reek... Or Their Boxers Are A Week Old And Smell Bad... Urrgh!..

    Any who...

    I Had My Tonsilectamy(sp?) today... Went well other than i learned I can't Pee On Comand... So I See I will Never have a fuiture in being a dog.. cause i kno w/ my dog im always like "PISS!!" "PISS!!!" and about after the second fierce piss he obeys.. not me.. i was in the fuckin bathroom for an hour cause i couldn't piss... all b/c they wanna see if im pregnant b4 they do it.. yah no well im not.. AT LEAST I HOPE!..
    I Had Problems with the Gay Anistetia(sp?!?!)...I Like Vomited During The Surgery Or Some Shit Like That Cause He Said To Keep An Eye On My Stomach Or Some Shit... And I Was Fuckin Getting All Kinds Of Shit Injected in my I.V. it was awsome id tell 'em i was feeling the pain she'd up the morphein and pain killers and i'd be trippin... And As Soon As I Started Coming Down Cause that shit wears off fast id tell her from a 1(the best) - a 10(the worst) How i was.. and i was about a 5 so she keeps injecting more shit in the I.V..... But im home and my throat is swollen and i cant swollen my own spit again!! argh.... I was Spose to keep and still spose to keep my head at least a 45 degree angel... and i didnt when i dosed off so my throat swelled up so im sitting in my basement which im sure isnt good for a swollen throat w/ some popure thing blasting which im sure also isnt good.. and it smells like ciggs from Paul which isnt good at all cause being around ciggs decreases my healing time and increases infection rate... Not good...

    well i just did a good 15 minute rambling bout my effin

    RANDOM THINGY: Rancid- 2day : ( : ( : ( : ( Go Back To School-7 to 10days

    RANDOM LYRICS: I Saw Him Dancing there By The Record Machine... I Knew He Must Have Been About 17

    ...A girl can do what she wants to do. And that's What I'm gonna do..Cause I Don't Give A Damn 'Bout My Bad Reputation..Ooh No!.. Not Me!

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