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SaMMiE* (pinkkissez) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 18:08:00
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    My BiRtHdAy!!
    hey well TUESDAY was my birthday!!! hehe and it was sooo much fun! i stayed up talkin to julie and kreg until 830 in the mornin and then i slept till 10:30...cuz jessica called me and woke me to wish me happy bday! and then i went to pick up jess and we went to wet n wild! then we saw kent there and hung out with him 4 a while...then in the lazy river sum really hot guys started squirtin us with water guns..then we made friends with them! there names were ryan and joey...then me and jess and kent went to go ride the banzai banzai but we saw kreg and doug and nathan so we got off and said hi to them...then we went on the willy willy with ryan and joey and on the "big slide" with them to! then they had to go and we hung out with doug and kreg and nathan the rest of the day! it was funnn! then jessica's mom took me her and her bro to macyos 4 my birthday! and i got cake and they sang to me! hehe! then we went bak to jessies house and played monopoly and ate brownies and talked to kreg on the fone...then we talked to ryan for like 3 hours but then we got tierd and went to bed!!!

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