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"Oliver" (pinkandbrown) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 22:17:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:the go- go's "our lips are sealed"

    today is and was boring
    Ok... lets try this again.

    Today was really boring... the only person i talked to besides nick and my mom was... jake and i think that was it. and he was bored to, so it was boring. I was so bored that i taught nick that new white stripes song on my bass... it was his first song and he wasnt that bad.. well.. he was kinda bad.

    I got my phone number changed if you didnt know... its 361-2907. call me. yeah. i never talk to anyone on the phone anymore ive noticed. like i used to talk to mary and ben some. and shley and jake alot. and now i only talk to ashley.. which is not bad i guess. but shes outta town... so sometimes at night i pick up my phone that doesnt work.. and i call leonard and talk to him in the basement. ...that was really stupid.

    Oh... theres this really messed up website that i found today when i was bored. its a journal thing and its obviously people pretending to be all of these famous people... and if its not then.... wow. yeah because Brody Armstrong is married to Benji Madden and they have a kid named nathan and Mandy Moore is married to Joel Madden and shes pregnant. yeah.. its like a soap opera. yeah haha you should read it sometime.

    WOAH!!!! i just looked at the thingy and its this same site!!! yeah well anyway.. its really stupid.
    yeah and theres links on there to get to other losers who are pretending to be famous.

    Yeah ok. hummm what else is there to type.. to help me get the time by.

    Ahh! lastnight... i watched heavyweights.. it was cool. "dont put twinkies on your pizza" "we already know each ATHA" :-) SUPER MOVIE three thumbs up. then i watched Mrs. Doubtfire "SMOKING!!" yeah thats not really a funny part.. it just sounds super cool. OHH YEAH! and today i watched Empire Records.. "DAMN THE MAN!"
    that ring a bell? probably not because weve thought of millions of band names.. but as far as i know.. that is the name of our band... DAMN THE MAN! yeah.. right on.

    yeah i think is will be all, i have nothing else good to say except.. i still like orange juice, ive liked it forever and i always will.

    ... my grandma is comming.. the one that calls her farts "fruities" ::chuckle chuckle::

    ok well its 10:20 now.. im going to make some dinner.. or something to eat... same thing right?

    bye.. thanks for stopping bye!!

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